Tiger Lab Vinyl to Release the Perfect Blue Soundtrack on Vinyl

Tiger Lab Vinyl is bringing Masahiro Ikumi and Yuji Yoshida’s original score for Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue anime film back to vinyl. The Deluxe Audiophile Edition is set to go up for pre-order on May 5, 2022 starting at 8:00 a.m. PDT, complete with multiple color options along with a traditional 180gram black vinyl option for purists.

Pressed over two LPs, the Audiophile Edition has been remastered and lacquers have been cut by Josh Bonati. Shipping kicks off at the end of May 2022.


  • Side A
    • 1.Mima’s Theme
  • Side B
    • 2. Nightmare
    • 3. Virtual Mima
  • Side C
    • 4. Uchida’s Theme
    • 5. Nightmare [Kaminari Version]
  • Side D
    • 6. Virtual Mima [Voice Version]

Tiger Lab also has official Perfect Blue merchandise on the way, including pink T-shirts, tank tops and zip-up hoodies.

Source: Crunchyroll

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