Kenichi Sonoda has released an English subtitled version of his Bean Bandit Episode 0 project. The version is available to Kickstarter backers that subscribed to Plan 2 and higher tiers.

The Kickstarter campaign for the project ran from May 2018 through June 2018 and raised 23,343,872 yen (about US$1,79,718 by today’s conversion), surpassing the original 15 million yen goal. The initial goal of the project was to make a five-minute animation. The campaign had stretch goals to expand the runtime to 20 minutes (at US$380,000) or 45 minutes (at US$800,000), but did not reach those goals. Sonoda launched a Campfire crowdfunding campaign in Japan in January 2019.

Sonoda is credited with the original work, planning, and scenario, and is also credited as chief director and chief animation director. Yū Aoki is directing the anime. Keizō Shimizu is the character designer.

The project melds elements of Riding Bean and Gunsmith Cats, and like these previous works it takes place in Chicago.

Source: ANN