The entire focus of this episode is on the Forgers going to Eden College for the interview. As soon as they step onto the school grounds, Loid senses that they’re being watched and graded by the school’s instructors. Housemaster Henry Henderson is part of the instructors watching the families, and he zeroes in on the Forgers. At first, he’s amazed by the fact that they stop to honor the statue of the school’s founder. They are put to the test when a student is “stuck” in a sewage grate, and Henderson thinks they’re not elegant because they got their clothes dirty. But surprise, surprise… they have a change of clothes ready to go. But what really surprises Henderson is when a real emergency arises, and Yor is able to stop a stampeding cow to stun it. Unknown to everyone, though, Anya uses her telepathy to calm the cow down afterward. Housemaster Henderson provides some comic relief early on in the episode, although later in the episode, his role moves beyond being a comic relief character.

The real highlight of the episode, though, was the interview itself. Housemaster Henderson is one of the three interviewers. A second one is a conservative, yet caring man. The third interviewer, Murdoch Swan, is a descendant of the school’s founder, and is also going through a divorce and potentially losing custody of his daughter. Headmaster Swan is obviously taking out his frustrations in his personal life on the applicants, and with the Forgers, things come to a head when Swan asks Anya if she prefers her first mother or her new one. This seems to trigger something in Anya, because she starts crying. But Loid and Yor are moved by this, and try to protect her from this man’s questioning. Loid surprises himself by lunging forward and punching a coffee table (saying there was a mosquito). Even prior to this, though, Loid was getting a little peeved at how Housemaster Swan was questioning Yor and found himself holding back… and he wonders why he feels this way, since Yor isn’t really his wife. By the end of this scene, it’s obvious to the viewer that while these three characters may be a “found family,” they have started to develop some real feelings toward each other.

But I did like, after the Forgers abruptly leave the interview, seeing Housemaster Henderson punch Housemaster Swan in the face. Swan definitely had it coming.

But poor Loid now feels defeated, because he feels absolutely positive that he has just failed his mission. Anya also seems to feel defeated, and Yor tries to tell them to not give up and to wait and see if they passed or failed the interview. But right at the end of the episode, their family portrait suddenly falls off the wall. Is this to signify a bad omen, or is it just a coincidence?

I thought this was another great episode of Spy x Family, which contained a perfect combination of humor and drama. So far, I’ve really enjoyed seeing how the “found family” made up of our three protagonists is evolving, and I think it’s realistic that they’re starting to develop feelings for the others, especially with the time they’ve spent together up to this point and the things they’ve done together.

From the preview for the next episode, it appears the focus will be on whether or not Anya makes it into Eden College. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to these characters and where their story will head to next.

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