Tiger & Bunny 2: Episode 4 – “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

The episode opens with Kotetsu seeing ads featuring some of the other heroes in a magazine, and then culminates with him seeing a video ad for an upcoming appearance by Fire Emblem and Sky High (branding them as the “top hero buddies”). Barnaby picks up on the fact that Kotetsu wishes the two of them were the ones in that position. At first Kotetsu tries to deny it, and then admits that yes, Barnaby is right.

Later, at the gym, we see Fire Emblem and Sky High giving advice and helping some of the other heroes. Kotetsu comments to Barnaby that they were asked to be the example for the other hero buddies, but that Fire Emblem and Sky High seem to be the ones doing that instead. Barnaby makes some good points in his response to Kotetsu about why this would be. But Kotetsu and Barnaby are later surprised by Fire Emblem coming to them and wanting to talk to them.

In the cafeteria, Fire Emblem talks about his concerns about being partnered up with Sky High. Unfortunately, Kotetsu keeps interrupting Fire Emblem, thinking he knows what the problem is. Each time, Fire Emblem says that Kotetsu’s deduction isn’t the problem. Once Fire Emblem is finally able to get out that Sky High seems to be too perfect, which makes being teamed up with him exhausting, Sky High comes in with Fire Emblem’s towel that was left behind in the gym. While Sky High tries to make it seem like he didn’t overhear the conversation, it’s obvious that he did.

The next day, things are awkward when Sky High calls out from coming to the gym, and of course, Fire Emblem believes it’s all his fault because of the previous day’s conversation. Sky High also calls Agnes, asking for assistance at the upcoming public appearance for Fire Emblem and Sky High. Mr. Black jumps in to volunteer himself and He Is Thomas, but Agnes says that Kotetsu and Barnaby have already been chosen. But as we see later, Mr. Black and He Is Thomas’ sponsor tries to force them into the proceedings. While Agnes says no, Sky High says he welcomes the additional help.

The climax of the story sees a man insulting NEXT during a Q&A session at the event, and then an observation deck up above starts falling apart. The audience saw a little earlier in the episode that a broken nut had fallen from that observation deck, and the worker who saw it fall just ignored it. But as the observation deck begins falling apart, it’s up to the heroes to evacuate and save the people, and this incident forces Fire Emblem and Sky High to work together. At the end of the episode, Fire Emblem and Sky High work at finding ways to move past this awkwardness in their partnership.

This episode focused very heavily on the buddy hero system. While Fire Emblem and Sky High were the primary characters that got the attention, the episode also touched on Kotetsu and Barnaby and their interactions. With the buddy system being so new to the series, it makes sense to have storylines focusing on the various buddy duos. The previous episode focused on Blue Rose and Golden Ryan, and this one focused on Fire Emblem and Sky High. It could even be argued that Episode Two focused on Mr. Black and He Is Thomas. So, it leaves me wondering if perhaps the early episodes of the season will be focusing on the dynamics of the buddy duos before truly moving on to the overarching plot of the season.

After the ending credits, we get another scene of the two guys who are going around attacking heroes. In this scene, we see them approach a third person, who appears to be a person they’re working with. Right at the end of this post-credits scene, there’s a shot that gives the audience a very strong clue as to who these characters are associated with. It’s going to be interesting to see at what point these characters move from being background characters to becoming more integral to the main story.

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