Case Closed: Episode 1041 – “The Unstated Alibi”

The episode opens with Conan, Ai, and the other Detective Boys out and about in Beika City. A police officer on a bicycle suddenly rushes by, and Ai thinks he’s heading toward an incident. So, of course, the kids go to check it out. Apparently, an old woman was pushed down some stairs. As the police officer asks if anyone witnessed anything, the gathered crowd says they didn’t. One of the Detective Boys notices a man off to the side, trying to stay out of sight. The Detective Boys ask if he saw anything. It seems like he’s going to answer, but then quickly says he didn’t see anything and leaves. The kids find this suspicious, so Genta and Mitsuhide start following him. The others start asking people nearby if they know anything about him.

Conan eventually finds out that the man had been in a nearby cafe earlier. They learn he received a phone call there, which gives them a last name and the location he’s from as potential clues to his identity. When the others meet up with Genta and Mitsuhide, they find out the man seemed to be going out of his way to make himself noticed before getting onto a train that takes him to a location further away than the location that he’s supposed to be from.

The Detective Boys follow him to the city he headed to, and quickly discover he has been taken into police custody by Inspector Megure, Takagi, and Chiba. Apparently, he’s a person of interest in an attack that happened in this city. It’s discovered this man has a different name than the one he claimed to have when he was in the cafe, and he keeps insisting that he wasn’t in Beika City, although the time he was in Beika City coincided with the time the attack took place in this city. Conan and the other kids are confused as to why he refuses to say he has an alibi, so Conan looks up the last name that they were given at the cafe, and found there’s only one person with that last name in the city that he’s supposed to be from.

At this point, all I will say is that when the kids go to check up on this person, they stumble into information that ultimately solves two mysteries. At the end of the episode, they solve three mysteries. And after the closing credits, the post-credits scene reveals the truth behind the old woman and the incident that got this whole story in motion.

All in all, I have to say that for a story that focuses on the Detective Boys, this one wasn’t too bad. I’ve definitely seen much worse stories that focused on them. I have to admit that I hadn’t figured out the truth behind the main mystery in this story until Conan spelled everything out. Maybe I should have been able to guess one of the important aspects of the truth behind the mystery, but I didn’t. Also, I have to say that for a one episode mystery, this was pretty decent.

The next episode returns us to Amuro’s time at the police academy, so I’m looking forward to it. I have to admit that these special episodes provide a nice break from the main Case Closed story, especially during times when the main story is focusing more on filler stories than on canon material that progresses the overarching story about the Black Organization.

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One comment

  1. momomanamu · 15 Days Ago

    This sounds like a really good episode! The episodes with just the kids are usually so-so, glad to hear there’s a good one coming up! Though, I think I have a lot of episodes to watch to catch up to you.

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