After a brief recap of the concept of the series and the events leading up to this point, the episode opens with Yor moving into the house with Twilight and Anya. We get a really cute sequence of Anya showing Yor around the house. Twilight, Anya, and Yor really seem to hit it off.

After Yor is settled in, Twilight tries holding a mock interview with Anya and Yor before the real interview at the school. Unfortunately, neither one knows how to answer the questions without coming across as “weird” or “unrefined.” Twilight decides to take the two of them for an outing in order to learn how upper crust people live. Twilight has gotten tickets for the opera and for a museum. There were amusing moments while they were at the museum with Anya and Yor’s reactions to some of the art. They also go to the tailor to get more nicer clothes for Yor, and they also get a family portrait taken.

Near the end of the episode, they witness an older woman being robbed by a purse snatcher. Yor jumps into action, but it’s ultimately Twilight who takes down the purse snatcher. When they return the purse to the older woman and take her to the hospital, she thanks them and makes a comment that they’re a wonderful family. This takes Twilight by surprise at first, but he realizes that if the older woman felt that way, then perhaps he’s gotten at least a small part of his planning for the mission accomplished. And considering there were a couple of times where Twilight was losing heart in his mission, this was an important realization for him to have.

Overall, there wasn’t a lot of action in this episode, but there didn’t need to be. This episode is important for the story, because it allows the audience to see Twilight, Yor, and Anya working at becoming a family. It’s also important because before the events that take place in this episode, they could never have passed the family interview at Eden College. If the audience didn’t get to see what takes place in this episode and jumped right into the interview, it wouldn’t have felt realistic. And by having this episode, we get to see a little more character development for our three main characters.

According to the preview for the next episode, the focus is going to be on the interview at Eden College. I can’t wait to see how this ends up playing out.

So far, Spy x Family has been a fun and enjoyable watch. While we have the concept of developing the “found family,” there is the twist that each member has a secret they’re hiding from the others. I especially enjoy Anya and the various “faces” she makes in the episodes. I’m truly looking forward to seeing the next episode, although it’s a little frustrating that since this series is currently a simulcast, I have to wait a whole week in order to see what happens next.

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