This episode has a focus on Blue Rose and Golden Ryan. It’s established early on that Ryan feels that he and Blue Rose don’t have an equal partnership, and that she has too much control over things like catchphrases. They get into a fight, and at one point, Blue Rose snaps that she wishes that Ryan wasn’t her partner.

Later, we see Blue Rose going to see Kotetsu to talk to him. She’s been receiving letters from a sickly young girl who says her favorite character on Hero TV is Blue Rose. Apparently, the girl also says that Wild Tiger is her second favorite. Blue Rose is thinking about visiting the young girl, and asks Wild Tiger to go with her. Ryan watches the proceedings from outside and takes pictures, and from what he observes, he believes that Blue Rose is asking Kotetsu to become her new partner. Ryan shares what he thinks with Barnaby, but Barnaby thinks he’s overreacting.

Later, at the gym, Blue Rose comes up to Kotetsu and says she’s gotten a response from the girl. The way they talk, it could easily be misconstrued by someone who overhears the conversation without context. And sure enough, that’s what happens when Ryan watches a video he recorded of them. Rock Bison’s grunting during his exercises overpowers some of the conversation, and the bits that can be heard are the parts that can be misconstrued without context.

But during all of this, the audience is treated to some backstory for Ryan, thanks to information that Fire Emblem has picked up on, since he himself is a business owner. The backstory we get makes Ryan’s actions and attitude during this episode make a lot more sense. And it was nice to get to know a little more about Ryan, because it helped him become more of a sympathetic character for me.

Meanwhile, it turns out Blue Rose and Wild Tiger’s meeting with the young girl isn’t what it seems, and in the end, even though Ryan is still misunderstanding the situation, it’s up to him to save the day. And after the incident, all the misunderstandings are resolved.

I can’t forget to mention that the two mysterious men attacking heroes are seeing attacking more of them. We see some of the heroes becoming more concerned about these attacks. While this still isn’t a major part of the story yet, I appreciate seeing that each episode shows another incident and keeps it going as a running thread. From the opening of the first episode, we know they will eventually make it to Stern Bild. But whether it’s going to be in the first half of episodes that have been released on Netflix or in the second half that has yet to be released remains to be seen.

So far, I’ve been enjoying Tiger & Bunny 2, and I feel that this series has been doing a great job capturing the tone and feel of the first series. I hope this series continues to be as strong as it is right now.

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