Case Closed: Episode 1040 – “The Case of Ayumi’s Illustrated Diary 2”

I liked how this episode opened by acknowledging the previous episode about Ayumi’s illustrated diary, complete with the child-like drawings from Ayumi’s diary. In fact, we get to see Ayumi’s drawings show up several times throughout the episode for the new illustrated diary that she does in this episode. Whenever Ayumi’s drawings appear, we get to hear Ayumi narrating what’s happening.

The new story opens when the Detective Boys (minus Ai, who is once again absent but her absence isn’t acknowledged) are on a drive with Professor Agasa. They stop when they see a crowd standing around a building, and flashes of light are coming from a window. Ayumi deduces that it’s Morse Code, and Conan picks up that it’s an “SOS” signal. Professor Agasa and the Detective Boys make it into the building and find a man tied up and using his feet to make the light source by him create the Morse Code. The man says he’s a delivery driver, and that he was captured when the person he was making a delivery to had a gun drop out of his pocket. The man also claims he overheard his captors say they had planted a bomb in the building.

The police are called, and the bomb squad is brought in. However, all they find is an alarm clock inside a cardboard box. As this sequence was playing out, I had my suspicions about the delivery driver. It turns out Conan also had similar suspicions as well. As the investigation is winding down, the police learn of an armed robbery at a jewelry shop… and it’s the same jeweler who was robbed in the first episode about Ayumi’s illustrated diary. That poor jeweler just can’t seem to catch a break.

Thanks to some quick thinking, Conan had attached a tracker to the delivery driver’s motorcycle, and Conan uses the signal to lead Dr. Agasa and the others to it. They find the delivery driver has been attacked, and that there’s dash cam video in his bike showing what happened, as well as showing a getaway car and it’s license plate number. Conan relays the information to Detectives Takagi and Chiba, and the chase is on. In the end, it’s Conan who ultimately catches the thieves.

I can’t really go into much more detail without providing major spoilers for the episode. While it may not have been the best Case Closed episode I’ve ever seen, it wasn’t bad for what it was. For a story that’s revolving around Ayumi’s illustrated diary, the writers couldn’t really do anything drastic, such as a murder case. But I have to say that occasionally including Ayumi’s drawings and her narration did help provide some levity for the episode, and it was a nice occasional break from what was happening. I definitely wouldn’t mind another episode utilizing Ayumi’s illustrated diary, but if that ever comes to pass, hopefully there would be another significant break like there was between this episode and the first episode about Ayumi’s illustrated diary.

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