This episode introduces a woman named Yor, a single woman who works at city hall who comes across as being kind of “spacy.” Her co-workers are gossiping and talking, and play up the fact that Yor is in her late 20’s and is still single. One of her co-workers is having a party that weekend, and tells Yor to come with her partner. Meanwhile, Yor is also getting pressure from her younger brother to find someone and settle down. Yor tells her brother about the party and lies about having a boyfriend. It’s also revealed that Yor is secretly an assassin, and is quite good at what she does. Yor may have to put on the “spacy” act in order to help hide the fact that she’s as assassin… or maybe she really is just that “spacy.” It is an interesting dichotomy for a skilled assassin to be so clueless outside of their assassination work.

Meanwhile, Twilight is trying to find someone who can pose as his wife for the upcoming interview. Franky, an informant from the agency Twilight works for, has acquired the records of all the single women in the community from city hall so Twilight can look them over to try to find someone. While he’s at Twilight’s place, Franky points out that Anya currently doesn’t look or dress like someone from a high society family.

Twilight takes Anya to the tailor to get some new clothes measured and ordered for her. While they’re there, Yor comes in to ask for her dress to be repaired. Twilight realizes that she entered without him even noticing, and he picks up on her name. Of course, she has this ability because she’s an assassin, but Twilight just assumes that he’s getting a little lazy. But then, Twilight remembers seeing her in the files that Franky had gotten for him and the details he saw about her. They start up a conversation, but are interrupted by Anya coming back out. Poor Yor thinks that Twilight is married. Through her telepathy, Anya picks up on the fact that Yor is an assassin desperately looking for someone to pose as her boyfriend and thinking that Twilight is married. I loved Anya’s reactions to what she picks up on, and she provides one of her memorable faces. Anya starts singing a song about being lonely because she doesn’t have a mama, which gives Twilight the opportunity to explain that he isn’t married. The two comes to an agreement: Twilight will pose as Yor’s boyfriend for the party, and Yor will pose as Twilight’s wife for the interview at the school.

Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when another mission Twilight has been saddled with due to a lack of agents conflicts with the party. Even though Twilight doesn’t show up at their meeting spot, Yor goes ahead to the party in order to meet her work obligation. Just when things start getting awkward at the party, Twilight suddenly shows up… and blurts out that Yor is his wife. Oops! He just confused his mission with hers… which causes all kinds of confusion at the party. The co-worker that’s hosting the party is a real bitch and tries her hardest to make Yor look bad… but in the end, she only makes herself look bad.

When Twilight and Yor leave the party, they are pursued by some members of the group that Twilight had tangled with in his other mission. But even with what happens, Yor still believes Twilight’s cover story of being a psychiatrist. In the end, Yor agrees to become Twilight’s wife, because she’s just as desperate as him. I literally laughed out loud at the end when I saw what Twilight ended up having to use as the “engagement ring.” But, as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

So now the “found family” is officially together, and each member has a secret that they’re hiding. I really enjoyed the setup for this series, and now I’m looking forward to seeing how the three of them will start interacting in this new dynamic, as well as how the story is going to progress.

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