Tiger & Bunny 2: Episode 2 – “No one knows the weight of another’s burden.”

The previous episode ended with an attack on four superheroes, and this episode opens with a news report of the attack. The heroes in Stern Bild hear the report while they’re working out in the gym and talk about it briefly. We then see Rock Bison trying to talk with the new heroes, and it leads to the question being asked why everyone became superheroes. Mr. Black jumps in and says he heard about Barnaby becoming a superhero because he wanted to get revenge for his parents’ death. Before Barnaby can say anything, Golden Ryan jumps in and scolds the newcomer for his attitude.

A lot of this episode focuses on Mr. Black and developing him as a character. He came from a small group of heroes that was outside of Stern Bild, and his reason for being a hero is helping others. We see his sponsors getting in his face, especially after he missed a Hero Summons because he hadn’t checked to make sure his communicator was working properly. Mr. Black’s sponsors were already unhappy with him, since he has the lowest score of all the heroes on Hero TV. We see that Mr. Black’s priorities and his sponsor’s priorities don’t align, and it gets to the point where his sponsors are trying to convince him to quit. If he won’t quit, then he’ll have to be a support for his partner, He Is Thomas. After a fight with Thomas, we see Thomas have a flashback… and it appears his motivation to be a hero is along the same lines as Barnaby.

Meanwhile, the heroes of Stern Bild are brought together to be briefed on an assignment to get the equipment for a manufacturing operation of a drug called Max Happy. Whenever the police try to raid the hideout, the equipment always disappears. Unfortunately, without the equipment as evidence, the police can’t arrest the ringleader.

While this is supposed to be a shining moment for Origami Cyclone, since he uses his transformation ability to pose as an associate that’s currently imprisoned for a bar fight, Mr. Black is eager to find a way to make himself stand out from He Is Thomas. Unfortunately, in his haste, Mr. Black does something that nearly jeopardizes the mission. Fortunately, Barnaby figures out the truth of what’s going on, and the heroes accomplish their mission.

I appreciated that this episode expanded on Mr. Black, because t helps the viewer to better understand his behavior and portrayal in Episode One. But I hope that what he went through in this episode will help to start to humble him. I also liked seeing the brief bit of exposition for He Is Thomas, but I hope this gets expanded on more as the season progresses. Near the end, there are also a couple of good scenes with Kotetsu and Barnaby. While it’s important to develop the new characters, I was still glad to see some focus on these two characters, since they are such an important part of the series. I hope to see more of these interactions and scenes between these two characters. While they have both changed and developed as characters, there is still a core to their relationship that needs to be shown in the series.

This episode ends with the same two people from the opening and ending of Episode One, and this time, they have attacked more heroes. It seems like the series is building up to the point that these two people will be coming after the heroes in Stern Bild. The final shot of this week’s episode shows that these two characters have a tattoo on their back, and this tattoo hearkens back to something from the first season of Tiger & Bunny. I do hope that we start getting a little more development on these two characters, because at this point, we don’t even have names for them. Since it seems like they’ll become more important as the season progresses, I hope that exposition for them will begin increasing sooner rather than later.

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