Tiger & Bunny 2: Episode 1 – “A word to the wise is enough.”

The episode opens with a defeated Barnaby Brooks Jr., all alone in a desolate place, being approached by two people.

Then, the episode goes back in time two months, where we see an episode of Hero TV as its happening. It’s interesting to note that the crime the heroes are trying to stop is very similar to the one that opened the first season of the Tiger & Bunny anime. However, it’s different when we see the superheroes working in pairs. We’re also introduced to three new heroes: Magical Cat, Mr. Black, and He Is Named Thomas. All of the heroes end up saving the day… except for Wild Tiger, who doesn’t make it in time because he helped rescue a child’s balloon.

If this wasn’t bad enough, Kotetsu angers Barnaby when he takes Barnaby’s energy drink before the after-party, which leads to Barnaby refusing to speak to Kotetsu. At the party, the audience learns about the new “buddy system” that has been implemented for the heroes, and that Yuri Petrov doesn’t really agree with this new idea but is letting it happen anyway.

During the party, the audience gets to see a little more of the new heroes. Magical Cat is a young girl who is very eager to learn from her seniors. Mr. Black and He Is Named Thomas, on the other hand, are cocky and believe they already know everything they need to know. Even those these two may be partners, they don’t really get along well with each other. There’s an amusing scene at the party when Fire Emblem comments that Mr. Black and He Is Named Thomas remind him of how Barnaby used to be when he started, and the two new heroes call Barnaby an “old man.” Let’s just say that Barnaby doesn’t take this well. LOL!

When the heroes are needed next, there are two criminals to apprehend. Agnes assigns all the heroes except Wild Tiger and Barnaby to one of the crimes, but Mr. Black and He Is Named Thomas get cocky and decide to go after the criminal that Wild Tiger and Barnaby are assigned to apprehend. Let’s just say that, when all is said and done, the two newbies get a lesson on how to act like partners from the more experienced Wild Tiger and Barnaby.

For the most part, this first episode seems to serve three purposes. First, to establish an event that will be happening at some point in the future. Second, to remind audiences who are already familiar with Tiger & Bunny what the franchise is (or to explain the concept to potential new viewers). Third, to help establish the new characters and concepts (such as the hero buddy system). Basically, it’s an episode to establish what to expect from this season of Tiger & Bunny, and doesn’t do anything to truly move the story forward. But this is what I would expect from a first episode, so I’m not disappointed. It’ll be interesting to see if Episode Two will start to move the narrative forward.

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