Early on in the episode, the engineers from Hizuru give Magath and Hange some bad news… it usually takes a day to work on the flying boat. While they say they can get it done in half a day, this still isn’t good news, because Magath and the others wouldn’t be able to hold off the Jaegerists for that long. Hange also makes it clear that even at that pace, the Rumbling would still hit Liberio before they can get there. The leader from Hizuru comes up with a plan to tow the flying boat to a port on Marley’s coast to work on it there.

At this point, the mission has changed. Now the goal is go get everyone on the ship so they can get to the port in Marley. A lot of fights and battles take place, and I have to say, this is probably one of the most gruesome episodes I’ve seen of Attack on Titan. But during all of the chaos, Falco leaves the others in order to transform into the Jaw Titan in order to help out. The stakes are upped when a train of reinforcements are heading toward the fighting, but the train is somehow destroyed.

The climax of the battle, though, is when Floch realizes that his numbers have dwindled, and he decides he’s going to be the hero and shoot a hole in the hull of the ship that’s towing the flying boat. But, thankfully, he doesn’t succeed. Let’s just say that it looks like Floch won’t be able to cause any more trouble after this. With Floch gone, the remaining Jaegerists flee temporarily in order to regroup.

Magath stays behind to be the rear guard, and he sends everyone else away. Shadis arrives and saves Magath when some Jaegerists are trying to take him down. The two of them join forces for a plan to make sure that the Jaegerists can’t follow the others. I really enjoyed the scene that takes place between these two characters.

Right at the end, after Annie learns that there’s no way to save Liberio before it’s destroyed, she says she’s lost her reason to fight. But then, she turns to Mikasa and asks her again if she can kill Eren. This scene illustrates once again just the moral quandary that many of these characters find themselves in. I still believe that after all is said and done, that there really can’t be a happy ending for any of these characters.

Wow! A lot happened during the runtime of this episode, and all of it kept the story moving. I really didn’t feel like anything was there to kill time or to stretch things out. It’s a little frustrating that the last episode of the season is going to be delayed a week due to special programming. This episode ended in such a way that I really want to see what happens next, but now I have to wait two weeks instead of just one. I’m very curious to see how the season ends, because obviously, the story isn’t going to be finished at that point. And I hope that we’ll also get an announcement as to how MAPPA intends to end the story. Will it be through a movie or through a shorter anime season or in some other format I’m not even thinking of?

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