Sailor Moon Crystal Imposterous Tabletop Party Game Is Now Available

The wait is finally over. You can now order the latest licensed tabletop party game Sailor Moon Crystal Imposterous. U.S. orders are shipping now, while Canadian orders will ship at the end of March 2022. As of this writing, the game is not available in other countries. Up to 12 players can join in on the fun party game, which is a licensed variation of Calliope Games’ Hive Mind by Richard Garfield (of Magic: The Gathering fame). We have partnered with Japanime Games to release it to retail stores in Spring 2022.

Game Contents

  • 200 Question Cards containing 1000 individual questions
  • 12 Sailor Moon Crystal player character standees plus plastic bases
  • Two six-sided dice: one Imposter die and one Question die
  • Three Guardian Cat tokens and 24 Cosmic Heart Compact tokens
  • Game board
  • 12 custom pencils
  • Blank note pad
  • Two-minute sand timer

The Deathbusters have captured someone from the Pretty Guardians team and replaced them with a Daimon imposter. Fortunately, Luna and Artemis discovered their evil plot and now everyone must work together to identify the pretender. By asking the characters a series of questions and then comparing the answers for ones that don’t align with the rest of the group, the cats can unmask the imposter and direct the rescue of the captured teammate before it’s too late. Your time is nearly up, imposter. In the name of love and justice, the Pretty Guardians will punish you.

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