The Fandom Post is reporting that FUNimation Entertainment is now selling the Josee, The Tiger and the Fish anime film digitally via Amazon. The film is available in high-definition with both the English dub and the original Japanese audio with English subtitles for US$19.99.

The English cast for the film includes:

  • Howard Wang is Tsuneo
  • Suzie Yeung is Kumiko/Josee
  • Dani Chambers is Mai
  • Zeno Robinson is Hayato

Jerry Jewel directed the dub.

The story of the film is described as:

Tsuneo, an ordinary college student and avid diver, unexpectedly becomes the caretaker of a wheelchair-bound young woman in order to raise money for this dream to go diving in Mexico. This young woman, who calls herself Josee after her favorite book character, is sullen and demanding, but as Tsuneo helps Josee interact with the outside world and learns more about Josee’s unique perspective, their feelings grow into love. The two begin to support each other in ways beyond just romance.

FUNimation Entertainment is scheduled to release the Josee, The Tiger and the Fish anime on home video in April 2022.

Source: The Fandom Post