Case Closed: Episode 1035 – “Taiko Meijin’s Shogi Board (Checkmate)”

The episode opens with a recap that’s very similar to the recap used at the beginning of the previous episode, but it adds on a couple of important scenes from the previous episode so the audience can get all the important details from both episodes before starting the story up.

With what Shinichi’s father said at the end of the previous episode, Conan realizes who the murderer is. Unfortunately, it appears they have moved, but their phone number still works since Yumi called them that morning and talked to them. Conan tried calling the suspect, but of course they weren’t answering. Conan also tried calling Haneda but his phone was turned off. At this point, Akai says Haneda has another phone which he uses to communicate with him, since technically, Akai (like Conan) doesn’t “technically exist.” It turns out that this is the phone Haneda has on him, and when he realizes his brother’s calling, he answers and asks the suspect if they want to play a game of blind shogi. It turns out Akai’s phone has GPS on it, so they’re able to know where Haneda is from that.

As Akai is driving, he asks Conan to explain how he figured out who the guilty party is. This turns into a lengthy scene of Conan describing what he figured out, and how the guilty party did various things to try to muddy up the timeline of the murders. When Conan reveals who actually did it, I have to admit that I hadn’t thought they were the guilty party. But as things were laid out, and one scene in particular in a previous episode was referenced, I realized that it should have been obvious that this person was guilty.

When Akai and Conan reach their destination, he honks the horn in a particular way, and Haneda recognizes that it’s his brother’s way of honking a horn. He purposefully makes a bad move in the game of blind shogi in order to give Akai and Conan a hint as to which apartment he’s being held in. Unfortunately, the guilty party realizes that Haneda wouldn’t make such a bad move and discovers the phone.

With this information, Akai and Conan come up with a plan to rescue Haneda. In the end, it works, and through Haneda, we learn what the guilty party’s motive was. And right at the end of the episode, Haneda asks Akai about their mother, because she won’t respond even though he tries to contact her so she can meet Yumi. Of course, Conan and Akai know what’s going on, but they have to keep what happened to her secret.

While this was a good three-parter, I wish progress could truly start getting made in regards to the Black Organization and finding an antidote to restore Conan, Ai, and the mother of Haneda, Akai, and Sera back to normal. Considering the manga is still ongoing, though, it could still be quite a while before any real progress is made on this front.

From the preview, it looks like we have a multiple-parter coming up that focuses on the Detective Boys. I’m hoping that since it’s a multiple-parter, that it’s going to be stronger than the typical story that features the Detective Boys.

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