Avex Pictures Hosts Worldwide Stream of the Ouran High School Host Club Musical

Avex Pictures has announced that it is hosting two special livestream events for the Ouran High School Host Club musical. The Tokyo and Osaka performances will be available for seven days from January 23, 2022 and January 30, 2022, respectively, with prices varying between regions.

There are English websites with more information for the two performances of the Ouran High School Host Club musical:

Ouran High School Host Club is described as:

You’ll fall for the boys in the Ouran Host Club: Tamaki’s truly romantic. Kaoru and Hikaru offer displays of brotherly love. You’ll adore brainy Kyoya, innocent Honey, and manly Mori. Oh, and don’t forget Haruhi. He knows what girls want—of course, it’s because he’s a girl too. The Hosts must do their best to hide her secret, but Haruhi’s having a blast turning their perfect world upside down.

Source: FUNimation Entertainment

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  1. momomanamu · January 18

    This sound awesome!

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