The episode backtracks slightly to when Kagome realizes that the girl in front of her is Moroha, and Inuyasha arriving on the scene. We get an amusing moment between Inuyasha and Moroha on their initial reaction to each other, because it was very much a “like father, like daughter” moment. Even Kagome comments that you can tell that they’re related.

Kagome has some great moments with Towa, starting with recognizing the school uniform that she’s wearing. When Towa calls Kagome by name, Kagome is so flustered and keeps asking how she knows. It gets even better when Towa tells her that when she was in the modern world that she was raised by the Higurashis. Towa and Setsuna get their own surprise when Kagome reveals that she helped deliver the twins when they were born.

There’s a later scene where Towa is using her smartphone to show pictures to Kagome. First, Kagome is shocked by Towa’s smartphone, and talks about how when she had a mobile phone, it was one that opened and closed. Poor Kagome is confused when Towa uses the term “flip phone” to describe it. Kagome also gets shocked seeing her younger brother all grown up and with a family, as well as seeing a picture of her mother, her grandfather, and Buyo the cat. While this scene was amusing, I couldn’t help but wonder how Towa is able to keep the smartphone charged while she’s in feudal Japan, since they didn’t exactly have electricity back then.

Oh, and for those of you who might be curious, Kagome’s prayer beads still work. She gets frustrated at one point and uses the word, “Sit!” Towa and Setsuna’s reaction to what happens is actually rather amusing.

When Setsuna and Towa ask Kagome and Inuyasha how they knew Moroha was their daughter when they saw her, the girls are taken to a lake that has the two heads from Jaken’s staff at the bottom of it. It turns out that sometimes, Inuyasha and Kagome would see images of Moroha in the lake. That Jaken truly is a softie, isn’t he? Later, after hearing that Towa was able to use the broken Tenseiga, Inuyasha comes up with an idea on how they can get out of the Black Pearl, which would involve Towa summoning the Tenseiga. From the preview, that looks like that’s going to be a plot point in the next episode.

And this episode finally sees the return of Shippo. Another fox demon brings him news that they still haven’t located Inuyasha and Kagome, but they have found out that their daughter is a bounty hunter. Shippo is surprised and wants to see for himself. He uses his fox magic to take him to the well… unfortunately, that brings him into the middle of a confrontation between Kirinmaru, Rin, Jaken, Sesshomaru, and Takechiyo. Takechiyo recognizes that Shippo is using advanced fox magic, and the two of them get caught up in the spinning top and are sent flying. At least this gets the Black Pearl out of Kirinmaru’s reach for now, since Takechiyo has it. From the preview for the next episode, we see that Shippo will be reuniting with Sango. Which I was glad to see, since his presence here was so minimal.

Speaking of Shippo, when I was watching the opening credits for this week’s episode, I noticed that he appeared in the visuals. Was he added, or did I just miss seeing him last week?

Jaken uses his Staff of Two Heads to send what’s going on at the well to Kagome, Inuyasha, Moroha, Towa, and Setsuna. They learn that Kirinmaru wants to have Akuru take him 500 years in the future in order to destroy the comet that’s approaching. He doesn’t want to do it out of good intentions, of course, because he couldn’t care less about the humans. He just wants to do it to prove that he’s the strongest. He also reveals that when his right arm was thrown into the well, that it went into the future and became Towa’s teacher, Mr. Kirin. Mr. Kirin has been informing him about what’s going on with the comet. Towa’s shocked reaction was to be expected, since she had no clue that Mr. Kirin was an incarnation of Kirinmaru. Since it was already established that Riku came from Kirinmaru’s horn, this isn’t far-fetched.

The preview shows that next week’s episode is titled, “The Three Princesses Escape.” Yes, it’s a spoiler, but we know that they have to get out somehow. But I hope this doesn’t mean that Inuyasha and Kagome aren’t able to escape for some reason, because that would be such a cruel thing to do to Moroha and her parents after they’ve been reunited.

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