Case Closed: Episode 1034 – “Taiko Meijin’s Shogi Board (Brilliant Move)”

The episode opened with a recap that was just the right length to remind the audience of what happened in the previous episode to set up the murder mystery.

After the opening credits, Takagi and Sato are interrogating the three people who arrived with Haneda, Yumi, and Conan. They each give their alibi for where they were when the murder took place, which was buying particular food products for snacks during their session. While each item could have somehow been either made ahead of time of reheated, it comes out that the various items in the apartment they would need were broken or, in the case of the ice cream, no one saw any ice cream in the freezer ahead of time.

As the interrogation continues, the shogi board with the two legs sawed off comes up. Another murder was referenced in the previous episode where a shogi board with one leg sawed off was by the body. It’s revealed that the man whose murder was previously mentioned has a connection with the original group that was part of the shogi sessions, as well as the murdered man whose murder is currently being investigated. There were two other men in the group, one of which was the brother of one the current female members (as well as the boyfriend of the other female member). It turns out that he killed himself, even though he was moving up in the shogi world, and no one knows why he killed himself. When the fourth man is mentioned, it’s revealed he lives in a building that can be seen from the apartment they’re in. When the curtains are opened, they see smoke coming from the building where the fourth man lives.

Takagi and Sato tell the shogi players to go home and stay there. The investigators rush to the fire, and Conan manages to hitch a ride. It turns out the fourth man was killed, but not by the fire. It was determined that he was killed just shortly before the fire, because his body temperature hadn’t dropped a lot. And, another shogi board was found in the building, and this one had three legs sawed off.

At this point, we see Conan struggling to figure out the truth behind these murders. We see him painstakingly go over each potential suspect and their alibi, but whatever he comes up with for what they could do to fabricate their alibi, he always hits a dead end with the ideas he has. Normally, we don’t see Conan struggling so much, but this felt natural instead of something to stretch the story out. As he’s mulling this over, he’s walking with the Detective Boys and witnesses Genta getting upset with a capsule machine. As he witnesses what’s going on, Conan thinks he’s been given an incredible hint, but he still can’t quite seem to figure out what it is.

The previous night, Haneda figures out who had to be behind the murders and goes to see them and tries to convince them to turn themselves in. This person panics and uses a stun gun, then ties up Haneda in their apartment. The next day, while Conan is at the capsule machine with the kids, Yumi calls him and asks if he’s seen Haneda because he didn’t come home the previous night. Conan had picked up on Haneda seeming to piece something together at the crime scene, and realizes that Haneda is likely in trouble.

After the ending credits, we get a longer than usual post-credits scene. Conan calls Akai, who is in the Kudo residence with Shinichi’s parents, to let him know what’s going on with is brother. Shinichi’s father asks Akai to turn on the speakerphone so he can hear what Conan has to say. With what Conan says, Shinichi’s father seems to figure out how an alibi was created, but only gives a vague hint to Conan. But with this, Conan seems to figure out what his father is hinting at, and the episode ends with Akai heading out to meet up with Conan.

At the end of last week’s episode, I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a two-part or a three-part episode. I’m glad to see it’s a three-part mystery, though, because this gives time for the mystery and the story to be developed without being rushed. I feel confident that next week’s episode will be the final part of this story, since the subtitle for it is, “Checkmate.” From the preview, it looks like the focus is going to be on Akai and Conan trying to find Haneda, and from what is shown during this episode, as well as what’s shown in the preview, that Haneda will find a way to provide hints to Conan as to his whereabouts.

I’m very curious to see what’s going to happen next week, and find out who the person behind all these murders is. From what’s been presented at this point, I’ve formulated my own theory, so I’m looking forward to seeing if my theory is anywhere near the actual truth.

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