The Fandom Post is reporting that AsianCrush has added all 69 episodes of the Yakitate!! Japan anime to its service. The series is available for viewers in the United States and Canada.

The story of the series is described as:

Kazuma Azuma wants to make bread. Not just any kind of bread, though. He wants to make a bread that represents Japan itself and can stand toe-to-toe with rice as a national food. Thanks to his legendary “Hands of the Sun,” unnaturally warm hands that allow dough to ferment faster, Kazuma’s bread is like a slice of Heaven. And when the Pantasia Rookie Competition arrives, everyone will get a taste of his skill. Along with his friend Kawachi (who’s only in it for the dough), he’ll go up against koala karate masters, Harvard bread scientists, samurai with rolling-pin swords, and more. Can Kazuma create bread like naan other and bake his way to glory, or should he quit before he’s toast?

Yakitate!! Japan originally aired on Japanese television between 2004 and 2006, and it is based on the gag comedy manga of the same name by Takashi Hashiguchi. The anime adaptation is directed by Yasunao Aoki and features animation by Sunrise.

Source: The Fandom Post