Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2: Episode 1 – “Judgment”

This episode jumped right back in where the end of the previous season left off. Unfortunately, since there had been a significant gap between the end of this season and the beginning of this one, I was having to spend some of the early part of the episode trying to piece together and remember what happened to lead up to this point.

This episode opens with Hange finding a bloodied Levi and saying that he was killed by a Thunder Spear. Floch keeps trying to insist that Hange let him take Levi’s pulse to prove that he’s dead. However, he’s interrupted by Zeke reappearing. Hange uses this distraction to jump into the nearby river with Levi, but this is all we see of Hange and Levi. As of the right now, Levi’s fate is truly unknown. Is Levi really dead, or is Hange trying to making it appear that he is?

After this, Floch approaches Zeke and asks him what happened, because it certainly had looked like Zeke had died. Zeke tells him that he was taken to a place he didn’t recognize and saw a girl rebuilding his body with sand. When the opening credits appear after this scene, we do see a brief shot of the girl in the opening, so I assume she’s going to somehow be important later in the season.

After the opening credits, the rest of the episode sees Marley coming to Paradis and attacking. Gabi and Pieck, who are chained together, are freed after Porco (in Titan form) cuts off Pieck’s hand. Pieck falls over the side of the tower, but she changes into her Titan form. In Titan form, Pieck helps Gabi to get away, and they reunited with the Marley troops.

Meanwhile, other Marley troops are coming down in parachutes from the zeppelins, and among them is Reiner. Eren, who is in his Titan form, jumps off of the tower and going against Yelena’s protestations. At first, it appears Eren has the upper hand when he traps Porco and Reiner, but Pieck’s Titan form appears with a gun attached… and the gunners get in a couple of good shots on Eren.

A panicked Onyankopon goes to release Armin, Mikasa, Conny, Jean, and the others to try to get help for Eren. At first, Conny is extremely pissed off, and his reaction is very understandable. They definitely felt betrayed by Yelena and her group. It turns out that Onyankopon hadn’t known the truth about Yelena’s plan, and Armin believes he’s telling the truth. By the end of the episode, both Armin and Mikasa express a desire to help Eren. It’s not clear if the others will assist them or not.

As I said earlier, I was spending the earlier part of the episode trying to remember what had happened in the first half of Attack on Titan Final Season, so it’s a lot harder for me to have reactions to what happened in this episode because of that. But this episode definitely had a lot of excitement (and a lot of blood) during Marley’s invasion and Eren’s fight with Reiner and Porco.

I’m interested to see what happens next week to move the story forward, and hopefully I’ll have an easier time with a writeup next time as well.

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