The Fandom Post is reporting that FUNimation Entertainment has added the Dog & Scissors anime to its streaming service. All 12 episodes are available with both an English dub and with the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

The story of Dog & Scissors is described as:

Harumi Kazuhito was the ultimate bookworm, spending days at a time with his head buried in his beloved books, and little could make him happier than perusing the pages of his favorite author, Kirihime Natsuno. Unfortunately, Harumi’s life goes to the dogs – literally – when he gets himself killed while trying to stop a robber.

Thanks to the power of a true bookworm, however, Harumi inexplicably finds himself reincarnated as a dog… which might not be so bad if dogs could read. Or if the woman who adopts him didn’t have twin predilections for playing with scissors and tormenting her new pet. But what truly makes this strange reincarnation the worst of all possible worlds is that she’s also his favorite author. The horror. Can Harumi find a way to live with this tantrum-throwing typist, or will her crazed clippings prove to be his undoing?

Source: The Fandom Post