Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 37 – “Zero’s Wish”

The beginning of the episode shows slight recaps for both Setsuna and Towa’s storylines. After the opening credits, the focus is on Towa (in her demon state) and her fight with Zero. Zero, of course, keeps egging Towa on to try to kill her, since by having a thread of fate connected to Rin, Rin will die also. Riku tries to stop Towa, but Towa manages to blow him away. At this point, all reason is gone from Towa, and all she cares about is revenge. Just as it looks like Towa is going to kill Zero, Setsuna arrives and intervenes.

It was interesting to note that this event happens at around the seven minute mark, and then the eyecatch for the commercial break is already showing up. At that point, I knew the story was going to get intense and that it would just keep moving. When Towa tells Setsuna that all she cares about is getting revenge on Zero and doesn’t care about what happens to Rin, Setsuna gave her a much needed slap on the face. After that slap, Setsuna reveals what Rin gave her in the previous episode… a Dream Butterfly with Setsuna’s painful memories. Towa is finally able to see what happened during the fire and right afterward, and realizes that Setsuna really hadn’t forgotten about her. Seeing both of the sisters crying and hugging was a great moment in the episode. And then, when Towa thanks Zero for helping her heal her bond with Setsuna, as well as showed her how much her family in modern world cares about her, Zero is broken. This reminds her too much of the great dog demon and his words, and she goes to commit suicide. Setsuna and her blade sense another thread of fate, one that connects to the great dog demon with Zero. She cuts that one, and this causes Zero to go through the pain of her past and to come to peace with what has happened. In the end, Zero releases her thread of fate that connects her to Rin, and Rin is cured. But Zero knows she still needs to die, and asks Riku to kill her. During this section, we also learn about how Rion died and why Zero hates half-demons so much.

Intercut with that section of the story, we get to see Kirinmaru hunting for Akuru, as well as Sesshomaru encountering Moroha and giving her the black pearl. Sesshomaru explains that Moroha’s parents are inside the pearl, as well as what the location is that the pearl leads to. At the end of the episode, Moroha is waffling about letting seeing her parents, because she doesn’t know what she’d say tp them. Kirinmaru’s pursuit of Akuru takes him right where Moroha is, and he hears her commenting about seeing a kid with a pinwheel. Kirinmaru sees the black pearl and snatches it from Moroha. I literally gasped when I saw this happen, because up to this point, the scene seemed to be building up to Moroha having a reunion with her parents. Kirinmaru holds the pearl hostage, telling Moroha that she can only get it back if she brings Akuru to him. This is definitely setting the stage for the next cour of the series.

Last week, I was thinking that this cour would bring about the end of Zero’s story, and sure enough, it did. I knew the next cour would have to focus on Kirinmaru being the villain, and the end of this episode makes this blatantly clear. From the preview for the next episode, it appears Sesshomaru will be showing up and taking on Kirinmaru.

Overall, I was quite happy with the end of this cour. It’s still a little frustrating to me that the first two cours of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon weren’t as strong of a foundation for the story as they could have been. Viewers who were turned off enough by the earlier episodes of the series are now missing out on seeing a much stronger story. While this cour was rather strong, overall, it sadly can’t entirely compensate for the weaker episodes that appeared earlier on. But this cour has kept my interest going in the story, so I will be continuing to follow the series with the next cour. Hopefully the next cour can be at least as strong as this one was, if not a little stronger.

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