Star Fruit Books has announced it has licensed Yamazaki’s Let’s Meet In The Next Life manga, the second volume of Yoiyu’s When Pink Rain Falls manga, and Yogo Yuuki and Yoshiaki Tabata’s TRIBALS – Remaster – manga.

Let’s Meet In The Next Life is described as:

An ex gang member moves into a new place that he seems to be sharing with a ghost of an old classmate.

The company will release the one-volume manga in English in 2022. Star Fruit Books said the manga creator is still drawing the manga in Japan.

The second volume of When Pink Rain Falls is described as:

A continuation of our first BL title. Another cute story with Hanao, Touma, and tons of Flowers.

Star Fruit Books is planning to release the second volume in Spring 2022.

TRIBALS – Remaster – is described as:

School girl by day, hitman by night. A badass babe who beats up Yakuza at the R-18 landfill in Tokyo.

Star Fruit Books will release the 115-page one shot in Summer 2022 digitally and in print.

Source: ANN