Glacier Bay Books has announced that it has licensed Yoshimi Uchida’s Star Clock Liddell manga and Junko Yoshitomi’s Juuji and Aichi manga. The company will also publish Shinnnosuke Saika’s Tonio, the next volume in the artist’s Sleepy Child series.

Star Clock Liddell is described as:

Uchida’s quiet yet firm lines delineate another world too familiar to our own. Young American socialite Hugh is haunted by recurring dreams of a silent house shadowed in mystery. Slowly becoming overcome by a premonition of living on the “other side,” he turns to his close friends for advice. And then one day, a girl appears in his dream asking for help…

A story about a man who becomes a ghost, which reaches for multiple deep themes about the nature of “home,” where people go when they find it, and when they lose it.

Glacier Bay Books plans to release the 190-page first volume in print in 2022 with a translation by rkp.

Juuji and Aichi is described as:

“Hidden in my right pocket… were all of my sins.” A historical mystery about two men, an unsellable mangaka and a popular fantasy novelist, set in the fictional boarding house “Ryokukan” in the Meiji and Taisho eras and drawing on multiple literary works. Their debut work and winner of the 2020 CAKES Creator Contest.

Glacier Bay Books will release the first volume digitally and in print in 2022.

Tonio is described as:

In Tonio, Saika revisits the slightly mysterious character first introduced in That Child, and spools out their prior life, from before they came to meet Mato. A story that looks back into the past of a child lost in time.

Glacier Bay Books will publish the manga in English in 2022.

Source: ANN