This episode sees Ran posing as a model for an artist, and Conan has accompanied her to make sure she’s safe (but he doesn’t tell anybody that’s why he’s there). We are also introduced to two other characters at the studio: the artist’s assistant (who we later learn is also his manager) and his new apprentice. While they’re taking a break, Conan notices something outside the window right before the apprentice arrives. Later, when he goes to investigate out in the yard, he encounters a gardener and learns that shady circumstances have happened to two other models that have posed for the painter. This leads Conan to track down the two other models and ask them about what happened. We’re never shown directly how Conan learns the names and locations of these models, though. The viewer has to assume that the gardener gave Conan the names of the models, and Conan tracked them down.

As Conan interviews the two victims, it makes it seem like a particular person is the culprit. It doesn’t help that the locations where the models were attacked were right around the same spot where the artist scouted them. When interviewing one of the victims, Conan also learns of a connection between her and the artist’s new apprentice. It’s also revealed that the attacks happened when the models were leaving the artist’s studio after the portrait is done. With what he learns, Conan realizes that Ran is in danger, and he goes to get Kogoro.

The two of them arrive at the studio as the assistant begins telling the artist about his suspicions about the attacks. Kogoro and Conan arrive, and Conan has to use the dart and bowtie trick to reveal the truth behind the attacks on the models. When the truth is revealed, the culprit tries to attack Ran right in front of everyone, but Ran is able to protect herself and kick away the weapon.

When it comes to this mystery, I thought the writer did a great job of leading the audience to believe a particular person was the culprit behind the attack. But once Conan (through posing as Kogoro) reveals this person isn’t the culprit, I figured out who it had to be. This wasn’t bad for a one-episode mystery.

One thing I noticed while watching this episode is that quite a bit of the footage has a fuzzy look to it. I don’t know if this was how it was given to Crunchyroll, or if the quality of my stream was affected by how many other people in my house were trying to use the internet the same time that I was. But in the preview for the next episode, the quality of the animation in some of the shots looked a little rough. I hope that won’t be indicative of what the animation quality of the next episode is going to look like.

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