The episode opens with the scene from a previous episode where Nanahoshi attaches the Eternity Bug onto Towa. After the opening credits, we see how this story continues. Zero first uses the Silver Pearl to showcase some of Towa’s memories, and finds ways to twist what they’re seeing to make them seem worse than what they are. She also utilizes the gold pearl that has Setsuna’s memories, which show the time she was with Shiori and how happy she was. I have to give Towa a lot of credit, because for a lot of this, she was able to avoid giving in to Zero’s scheme. Unfortunately, when the sun comes back up and Towa’s demon powers come back, she starts giving in to her anger toward Zero and Nanahoshi. Riku and Rion arrive after Towa has killed Nanahoshi and try to intervene. For this section of the story, my favorite thing was seeing the flashbacks to Towa’s childhood with the Higurashi family. The first couple of scenes come from Episode Two of the series, but most of the rest of the footage of the much younger Towa was newly animated for this episode. Near the end of the flashback, I think there was at least one scene that had appeared previously. But I liked how this portion of the episode helped to fill in the gap between Towa’s arrival in modern Japan to when we first meet her in modern Japan at the beginning of the series.

Meanwhile, Sesshomaru is trying to find Setsuna. Thanks to overhearing some demons, he figures out where she’s at. When the demons attack the demon slayers to find Setsuna, Sesshomaru is able to jump in and do enough to startle the demons. Sesshomaru asks Setsuna if she’s mastered her blade. When she says she cut a thread of fate once, Sesshomaru tells Setsuna to go to the Tree of Ages because Rin told him that Towa is crying. One thing I really liked about this scene, though, is the interaction between Kohaku and Sesshomaru.

When Setsuna goes to the Tree of Ages to cut the thread of fate, Rin tells her not to, because if she does, Zero can’t be saved. Setsuna is incredulous that Rin would want to save her enemy, but Rin insists that Setsuna go to Towa with something that Rin gives her. The way this was animated makes it unclear as to what the item is, so it’s going to be interesting to see what this ends up being. The last we see of Setsuna, she’s following the thread of fate to get to where Zero is.

Moroha only gets one scene in this episode, and it’s when Jaken falls off of a quickly moving Sesshomaru and crashes into Takechiyo and Moroha. The only thing that happens here is Jaken asking where Setsuna is. But from the preview, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Moroha in the next episode.

With the way this episode went, though, it feels like this cour of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon will end the plot with Zero. And if Zero’s storyline is wrapped up, then I would guess the next cour would put the focus back onto Kirinmaru. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not my guess here is correct.

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