Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 34 – “Battle on the New Moon (Part 1)”

We continue to have three separate storylines going, but with only one getting the main focus. I’ll start with the two non-main focus storylines first.

We see Zero and Nanohoshi together on the night of the new moon, and Zero creates lantern butterflies and sends them flying. Meanwhile, Towa, Riku, and Rion are together when Towa loses her demon powers due to the new moon. Now that Setsuna is able to sleep again, Towa fears that Setsuna will also lose her demon powers and is upset that she can’t be with her sister during this time. Riku worries about Towa when she expresses these thoughts, because it reminds him of Zero when she was unable to protect the Great Dog Demon from death even though she knew it was coming. As the three travel, Rion lets it slip that Riku was created from her father’s horn. Poor Riku thinks that Towa is going to hate him now, but she reiterates something she said to him in the first season: “Riku you are you.” I really liked how the writers did this call back to the earlier interaction between Towa and Riku, and I thought it was a nice touch. The three of them are then attacked by the lantern butterflies, and even though Riku is now blind, he’s still able to take them down. Unfortunately, by doing this, it causes Towa to be transported to where Zero and Nanohoshi is.

Meanwhile, a snow demon has sensed that Setsuna is nearby and goes out in search of her. We see that Setsuna has indeed lost her demon power and her reactions when she realizes that this has happened. Kirara warns her about the snow demon and his allies coming for her, and Setsuna begins writing out instructions on how to deal with them. A sleepy Setsuna hands over what she’s written to Hisui, and he hands all this over to Kohaku.

The main emphasis of the episode is on Moroha, Hachi, and Takechiyo, and we get a couple of flashbacks during this section. While Moroha is putting together a hang glider from a kit she brought with her from modern day Japan, Hachi tells her about how her parents helped to seal the Great Racoon Dog demon and take on the racoon dog that is currently in charge of the clan. It was awesome to see Kagome, Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango together in a story that took place in the past. I was especially tickled by the interactions between Miroku and Sango. There’s also a flashback of what happened that led up to Miroku taking Takechiyo to Jyubei.

From the preview for the next episode, we’ll be seeing what happens with Moroha and the racoon dogs, what Zero intends to do with Towa, Sesshomaru going to see Rin, and the snow demons trying to locate Setsuna. I liked how Setsuna narrated the preview, and she sounds like she’s as sleepy as she was being portrayed in this episode.

So far, I’ve been enjoying this section of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon more than I did the earlier episodes. Even though I’m enjoying this section, I’m still disappointed that the series didn’t have a stronger start to serve as a better foundation for what we’re seeing now.

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