It was interesting this week to see that the usual recapping of the concept of the series that we see before the opening credits didn’t appear. Instead, it was showing what happened right at the end of the previous episode, and ended with the immediate aftermath.

The main focus of the story was on Setsuna and the demon slayers, which is a good thing, since the title references that portion of the story. After having titles that really didn’t fit in with the major focus of the previous two episodes, this was a refreshing change.

I’ll start with talking about Moroha and Towa real quick, since they were only in the episode briefly. With Moroha, after we see her and Takechiyo get blown away by the raccoon dog demon, she’s asleep in a cave, and Takechiyo is complaining to Hachi about how she’ll have to sleep for a day before she can do anything again. Apparently, it’s going to cut it close to Takechiyo’s brother’s coming-of-age ceremony.

For Towa, we see her with Riku and Rion. Riku determines that he’s blind, and we get a scene involving the lavender scented hand cream. It seems like Riku is flirting with Towa in this scene, and Rion scolds Riku for it.

When it comes to Setsuna, she’s trying to master her blade so she will be able to cut her mother’s thread of fate that’s attached to Zero. She successfully cuts down a lot of bamboo, but still doesn’t feel the connection with her blade that she thinks she needs. The episode sees Mayonaka, the character in the title, make an appearance with the flame bulls. Setsuna ultimately finds him, along with one of the guys from the other group of demon slayers. It’s revealed that Mayonaka is actually the god that owned the treasure that the village has been using for its prosperity, and that the guy with Setsuna is the son of this god. Mayonaka explains who he really is, and about how his treasure was taken from him by the village headman. This ended up involving the headman’s daughter, who fell in love with the god. Ultimately, this story leads to Setsuna finally figuring out how to sever a thread of fate, and using this newfound skill to cut the god’s thread of fate. Unfortunately, because the treasure disappears, the village they helped is impoverished again, so the demon slayers aren’t paid for their services. According to the dialogue, they weren’t even thanked.

But this storyline was very important for Setsuna, so she could finally figure out and learn how to sever a thread of fate. With this knowledge, she can start honing her skills so she can work at cutting the thread that binds Rin to Zero.

The preview for the next episode makes it appear that we will be focusing more on Moroha’s storyline, and it appears we’ll be seeing footage from the past of Kagome, Inuyasha, and the others sealing away the raccoon dog demon that Moroha tried to take on at the beginning of this episode. Oh, and it turns out the next episode is labeled as a “Part One,” so this storyline should take up at least two episodes. I hope this storyline for Moroha will finally establish her as being an important character in the series, instead of as the “comic relief” character that she was portrayed as in the first half of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon.

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