Case Closed: Episode 1028 – “Ballad of the Woman Who Loved Cake”

I knew from the moment that I saw the title of this episode that it was likely not going to be one of the better episodes of Case Closed. Sadly, I was right.

The episode opens with Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Ayumi going to an abandoned old mansion that’s scheduled to be torn down and replaced with a sweets factory. When they go inside, they see a hand sticking out of some rubble, and laugh at first, thinking it’s not real. But suddenly, a woman gets up out of the rubble and hobbles outside, not even acknowledging that the kids are there. The three kids faint, and are later revived by Conan. They see a trail of blood and follow to it a nearby sweet shop, where they see a woman wearing dirty clothes looking similar to what the person in the rubble was wearing, sitting outside eating cake. The kids recognize her as the same woman they saw sitting there eating the same cake on a different day.

This leads to the kids having a flashback of standing outside this same shop, talking about hearing that the old mansion would be torn down for the sweets factory. One of the kids gets the bright idea to explore it, although Conan does try to discourage them. Ayumi suggests going on Thursday, since there’s no school that day.

When we return to the present, the woman gets up and walks away. The Detective Boys follow her, and see her go inside the office building for the same sweets company that is going to be building the new factory. Conan finds a service entrance, and the kids enter the grounds through there. They hear a scream, we see that a woman who looks suspiciously like the woman at the sweet shop eating the cake finds the company president dead, suffocating after having been pushed into a batch of red bean paste. The vice president (the brother of the president) sees what happened, and notices his wife’s handkerchief near the body. He assumes his wife is guilty, so he calls her to set up an alibi. When he does that, she suspects that he’s guilty, and agrees to help set up the alibi. Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi arrive to begin their investigation, and Kogoro appears because he’s supposed to pick up the kids and take them home.

I don’t want to give too much more away, but I think the episode title basically gives away who the murderer is after you’ve seen enough of the episode to know who’s who. While that’s a little annoying, it’s only one of the issues I had with this episode. It’s clearly established at the mansion that it’s private property and that there’s a no trespassing sign. However, in order to get this story going, the Detective Boys have to do something illegal (trespassing) in order to find the person in the rubble that kicks off this mystery. This is also another episode featuring the Detective Boys where Ai is not with them, and her absence is not acknowledged by any of the characters. I also had a problem with how the ending of the unveiling of the murderer went down… it was just cheesy and bad.

This was definitely not one of the better one episode murder mysteries. While it’s not as bad as some of the episodes that feature the Detective Boys, it’s still not that great of an episode. Oh well. Next week, we start into the “Police Academy Arc,” which looks like it will be focusing on Amuro in his police academy days. This could be interesting.

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