Case Closed: Episode 1027 – “Beyond the Curtain”

The episode opens with Dr. Agasa with Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko at a nicer restaurant. It’s asked where Ai and Conan are, and the answer is that Ai is watching a television program and Conan is by himself at the Mori Detective Agency. I was actually kind of impressed, because this is the first story focused on the Detective Boys in quite a while that acknowledges Ai’s existence even though she’s not in the episode. As they eat, they look out the window and can see an apartment across the street. The curtains are closed, but they see the silhouettes of two people. It appears they’re having a romantic dinner, but then one of the people attacks the other one. From what they can see, they assume it’s a man attacking a woman. They call the police, and when the officer goes to investigate, he only finds a woman inside. With this, the officer doesn’t believe what Agasa and the kids reported.

The next day, Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko go to see Conan to get some advice. After they explain the situation, and upon hearing that they saw silhouettes, Conan seems to have an idea of what’s going on. Detective Takagi is asked to accompany Conan, Dr. Agasa, and the Detective Boys (minus Ai) to search the woman’s apartment. As Conan looks around, he finds evidence that something did indeed happen in that apartment, and that because Dr. Agasa and the other kids only saw silhouettes, they swapped the genders of the two people involved. Detective Takagi realizes that because of this misunderstanding, it made the perpetrator think they’d gotten away and likely on their way to the next step: disposing the body.

Earlier, Mitsuhiko learned the identity of the woman and her occupation, and with this information, Conan pulls up her social media profile… which tells them where she currently is. The rest of the episode sees Dr. Agasa, Conan, and the Detective Boys (minus Ai) going to find her and stall her until the police can arrive. I liked how Conan comes up with the idea to use silhouettes to slow down the suspect. And it was even better when Conan used a silhouette and his voice changing bowtie to make it seem like Kogoro was there interrogating the suspect. Even though there were a couple of close calls with the silhouette, Conan was able to successfully stall the suspect until the police arrived. The thing I liked about Takagi’s arrival is that because of something she was trying to do right before his arrival, he could already arrest her for a charge that was unrelated to the murder.

For a one episode murder mystery, this episode was actually rather well-done. My only gripe is that when the Detective Boys first go to see Conan for advice, we see a lot of the original scene of them observing the crime as a flashback. There was one other flashback of something that happened earlier in the episode, but that one didn’t feel quite as long. To be honest, the flashback about witnessing the crime felt like “time kill” because the episode wasn’t quite long enough without it. I probably wouldn’t have minded quite so much and likely wouldn’t have noticed this quite to easily if the original scene and the flashback hadn’t been as close together as they were.

From the preview for the next episode, which is also a one episode murder mystery, it looks like the Detective Boys will be playing an important role again. Even if it be can’t quite up to the level that this week’s episode was, I hope it doesn’t get as bad as some of the episodes that feature the Detective Boys in recent years have gotten.

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