Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 31 – “Takechiyo’s Request”

The episode opens with Setsuna playing her violin on top of a rock formation, and Towa is sitting down, playing her flute. A rock demon comes up and starts attacking. The sisters appear to be working well together, especially after Towa transforms her flute into her new sword. But when it looks like the demon has been defeated, and it begs to not be killed, Towa agrees… much to Setsuna’s chagrin. It turns out to be a trap, of course, but Setsuna manages to avoid being blown up by the monster. By this point, you would think Towa would have been burned enough by her kind treatment of enemies that she wouldn’t fall for this. Later in the episode, this is being framed that she does this because she refuses to run away, but to me, it just felt like she hasn’t learned anything. The small versions of the rock monster say they’ll be back with their boss to take the sisters on. Setsuna makes a comment that Towa should return to the other world, and that she can handle saving their mother on her own. This makes Towa realize that Setsuna still hasn’t treated her like a sister, and wonder if Setsuna hates her.

Kohaku is approached about helping out the demon slayers in the north with an extermination mission, and he tells Hisui that he’s only thinking of taking Setsuna on the mission. Kohaku and Hisui go to see the girls, and Kohaku does some training with Towa. He keeps besting her, and tells her that it’s because she keeps being reckless and not running away. He talks about traveling with different people when he was young, and said the only people who knew who didn’t run away were Sesshomaru and Kikyo… but that they had the poise and coolheadedness needed to be successful at that. Towa, however, does not. Near the end of the episode, the big boss shows up. Towa manages to use a new move with her sword in order to take down the big boss, but it’s obvious that she still has a lot of work ahead of her.

Riku takes Rion to see her aunt, Zero. Riku can’t show his own face, of course, so he has Rion go in his stead. Rion and Zero talk through a mirror, and Zero learns about Rion being freed by Setsuna and Rion giving the root to Towa. Rion asks her aunt to help convince her father to stop with his plans, Zero says that she’s broken ties with Kirinmaru but she’s at least willing to try to talk to him for her niece. However, she also wants Rion to give a message to Riku: Zero intends to kill Towa. After relaying the message, Riku and Rion head to where Towa and Setsuna are. Riku sees what Towa does with her sword, but he comments that Towa isn’t a protector… she’s the one who needs to be protected.

Even though the title of this episode is “Takechiyo’s Request,” this story ends up serving as the secondary plot for the story. This is the portion of the story that Moroha is involved in. It starts with Moroha, in disguise, talking to some minor demons and hearing them talk about her (that she’s the daughter of the priestess that cleansed the Shikon Jewel shard and that her father is the half-demon, Inuyasha). They also share their thoughts on how they don’t want to be purified by Moroha. At this point, Moroha throws off her disguise and complains that she doesn’t have her mother’s power. These demons scurry away, and Moroha comments that this is probably why she hasn’t been able to get any demons lately. And with only one ryou left on her debt, too. Takechiyo approaches Moroha to ask for a favor, and she says she’ll only do if it he pays her. After he offers her one ryou, she takes on the job of serving as Takechiyo’s bodyguard. Hopefully she’ll be paid the one ryou so we can get rid of Moroha’s debt subplot. At this point, it’s more of a distraction than anything else.

Moroha, along with the audience, learn that Takechiyo is currently the ex-young lord of the Mamidaira, a tanuki high clan. Hachi is a servant who works for the clan. Moroha meets Hachi and learns that he is the one who took her to the wolf tribe by the request of her parents. Hachi says that he knows her parents, and he assumes that they were killed in the battle with Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru, especially since he’s never seen them again since that dat. Moroha wonders if, during the episode we were introduced to Rion, if she went through the Underworld. Moroha seems to get a little misty thinking that her parents are dead. But considering that Hachi left with baby Moroha, he wouldn’t know for sure what happened to Kagome and Inuyasha. Right near the end of the episode, as Takechiyo and Hachi are trying to figure out how to infiltrate their target, Moroha does something stupid that makes their presence known to the tanuki clan.

From the preview for the next episode, it looks like Takechiyo’s story is going to be more of a focus in it. With Takechiyo being featured in the title for this week’s episode, I assumed it would have been the bigger story. I guess the writers couldn’t come up with a title that would have fit in with Setsuna and Towa’s story, which really was the main focus of the episode.

Overall, I would have to say that this week’s episode was a noticeable step up from last week’s disaster. Even though I still go into each episode with lowered expectations, I’m still hoping that this season will focus much more on developing the main cast and truly progressing their story.

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