Case Closed: Episode 1026 – “The Wordless Witness”

The episode opens with a woman talking to a friend on her phone as she’s heading home from a mixer. She reaches an area that’s rather deserted, except for a handful of houses and sees someone standing nearby in a trenchcoat and wielding a blunt object. The woman is attacked by the stranger in the trenchcoat, and a NEET in a nearby house hears the commotion. He looks out the window and catches a glimpse of the scene and the murderer. The murderer looks up, and it appears that the murderer may have seen the NEET.

The next day, Megure and Takagi are investigating the crime scene, and Kogoro, Conan, and Ran come upon the scene. From what’s said in the dialogue, it appears they somehow heard about this investigation and came over to help. It’s revealed that there have been two similar attacks women in this area, except that the other two victims were only injured by the culprit. Unfortunately, since both of those victims were drunk at the time of their attacks, they don’t remember anything.

After Kogoro makes Conan stand outside of the police tape, he looks up and sees the NEET looking out the window. When their eyes meet, the NEET quickly closes the curtain. The neighborhood gossip starts asking Conan questions, but he uses the opportunity to ask her about the people who live in the house where he saw the NEET. She gives him the information, and Kogoro, Conan, and Ran decide to go see him and ask questions.

The NEET, who lives with his mother, is known as a Yoko Okino superfan. We learn that the son, who we learn is named Hikaru, has locked himself in his room upstairs, and hasn’t come out for about a week. It was about this time that he would only communicate with his mother via text. When he texts to his mother that he didn’t see anything, Conan thinks this is unusual, because someone would normally be concerned about being considered a suspect. And as they leave, Conan notices some things about the shoe shelves near the front door and asks Hikaru’s mother about it. Her answers add to Conan’s suspicions. But what finally tips him off that something isn’t what it seems is seeing a news report about Yoko’s current tour.

I can’t really go any further without providing any spoilers, but what I will say that the twist regarding Hikaru was something I hadn’t thought of as I watching the episode. But when Conan explains it, it makes sense for what’s been established. And when the murder suspect is revealed, it was someone I hadn’t thought of, but again, makes sense from what was portrayed earlier in the episode.

For a one episode murder mystery, this was actually a rather well-done episode. When the stakes got high right near the end of the episode, I found myself genuinely interested in the characters that were introduced in this episode, and hoping for the best for the character who was in potential danger. Most of the one episode murder mysteries don’t get me to the point where I genuinely care about the new characters, so this is a major plus for this episode.

From the preview, it looks like we’ll be getting another one episode story next week. It features the Detective Boys, though, so I don’t know how good it’s going to be. While it probably won’t be on par with this week’s episode, I can only hope that it’s better than some of the episodes that have featured the Detective Boys that I’ve seen.

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