Comikey Announces New Manga Licenses for November 2021

Comikey Media Inc., a USA-based digital publisher, has announced that it has licensed six manga titles from Square Enix, and will be making them available to read on the Comikey platform. Along with that, Comikey Media has licensed three new manga titles from Hakusensha, and one new manga title from Coamix. Comikey Media plans to release chapters weekly, and aims to catch up with the Japanese release, after which it will switch to a simultaneous publication schedule.

Over the following weeks, Comikey will be releasing the following titles:

Title: Hero Classroom
By: Shin Araki, Haruyuki Morisawa, and Koara Kishida
Publisher: Square Enix
Released on Comikey: November 2021
Summary: Long ago, a Great Hero defeated the Demon King and brought peace to the world. To maintain that peace, Rosewood Academy was established to nurture heroes-in-training. Transfer student Blade is a carefree boy whose only goal is to make friends with the students at his new school. On the surface, Blade seems like an ordinary boy, but he is hiding a miserable secret. Join Blade’s new friends in unraveling the mystery surrounding Blade and on their journey to become fully fledged heroes.

Title: The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses
By: Koume Fujichika
Publisher: Square Enix
Released on Comikey: November 2021
Summary: Kaede Komura has a huge crush on his seat partner, Mie-san. She, however, has terrible eyesight, and tends to either forget or break her glasses. Komura-kun offers her a helping hand, and as they grow closer, their feelings for each other grow too.

Title: The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague
By: Miyuki Tonogaya
Publisher: Square Enix
Released on Comikey: November 2021
Summary: Himuro-kun is a living descendant of the Snow Woman from Japanese folklore. But anytime he’s around his eccentric yet kind colleague, Fuyutsuki-san, he totally freezes up. Despite the snowstorm of love that rages on in his heart, and her complete cluelessness, will he take a step forward or stay frozen in place?

Title: Fenrir
By: Chūgaku Akamatsu and Mioko Ohnishi
Publisher: Square Enix
Released on Comikey: November 2021
Summary: Somewhere among the violent and chaotic grasslands of 12th century Mongolia, lives a boy named Temujin. One day, while on the brink of death, he has a fateful encounter with a beautiful and mysterious woman that will affect history. This is the story of a boy who will shake the earth.

Title: My Awkward Senpai
By: Makoto Kudo
Publisher: Square Enix
Released on Comikey: November 2021
Summary: Kannawa-senpai is considered many things, but smooth is definitely not one of them. Then she meets Kamegawa, her new Kouhai. He’s cute, a little nerdy, and easy to talk to. How will this awkward Senpai be able to handle these new feelings?

Title: My First Times with Suwa-san
By: Yasuka Manuma
Publisher: Square Enix
Released on Comikey: November 2021
Summary: Yamanaka Suguru always viewed his “first times” as challenges to overcome. But when a girl suddenly confessed to him and become his girlfriend, she introduced him to countless new challenges that he’s never known about.

Title: Your Tears are Mine
By: Hirose Ayumu
Publisher: Hakusensha
Released on Comikey: November 2021
Summary: Kippei is a high school boy feared for his mean look, but in reality, he’s just a kind and gentle boy that cries a lot. Umegami is the beautiful and popular school idol, adored by many, however she also has a hidden side. One day, their fates unexpectedly intertwine when cry baby Kippei asks her out expecting to be rejected. A clumsy and unusual love story begins.

Title: Together Forever
By: Ike Junko
Publisher: Hakusensha
Released on Comikey: November 2021
Summary: After her father has suddenly passed away, Takatsukasa Hikaru was adopted by her cousin, Kuzukiri Kiyomizu. Hikaru expresses that she is madly in love with Kiyomizu, but he is having none of it.

Title: Mizuki-senpai’s Love Fortune-Telling
By: Shirosawa
Publisher: Hakusensha
Released on Comikey: November 2021
Summary: High school second-year Sakagami Sojiro is late for school one day, when he is given a ride by a mysterious girl who looks like a third-year, and claims that her fortunes are 100% accurate. She declares that he is fated to be with a girl younger than him… but little does he know that she’s referring to herself. So begins a comedy of love between the fumbling Mizuki-“senpai” and clueless Sakagami.

Title: Arte
By: Kei Okubo
Publisher: Coamix
Released on Comikey: November 2021
Summary: The story takes place in 16th century Florence during a time when women were relegated to the role of wives and caretakers, a young noble girl named Arte dreams of being an artist’s apprentice. One day she stumbles on the workshop of the eccentric Maestro Leo who decides to accept her as his student. Follow Arte on her journey as she discovers the joy and struggles on the path to becoming a maestro.

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