Case Closed: Episode 1025 – “Ooka Momiji’s Challenge (Part Two)”

The episode opens with a recap of the previous episode, and it provides just enough information to help the viewer remember what happened in the previous episode.

After the recap, we see Megure and Takagi starting their investigation, and they think the elder brother’s death was suicide. Hattori interrupts and declares that it was murder. He points out a couple of things about the body that explains why he thinks it’s murder. Conan adds a little more as well, claiming that Shinichi told him over the phone.

There’s a section where the brothers prove they’re who they claim their are (they show their burn marks on their hands and a photo from 30 years earlier). But as the brothers talk about gifts they had received from the eldest brother, they also mention him sending some of their gifts back. One mentions sending him cans of crab, and it makes Conan remember a scene from the previous episode where it appeared Genta was allergic to the crab crackers he was eating. In the previous episode, that scene with Genta seemed to just be just a throwaway scene, but I should have known that there would be some kind of importance to it.

But this makes Conan realize an important fact, but before he can say anything, he notices a sad expression on Ran’s face. He has a flashback to when he and Ran were kids about a time she made the exact same expression. Conan clues in that Ran wants Heiji to with the competition, so Conan makes a comment about the elder brother possibly being allergic to crab, and this one sentence makes Heiji realize something… the elder brother must have an allergy to metal. Which then makes him realize that if that’s the case, why would he have been wearing metal glasses? Heiji declares that the person who killed him must be someone who wears glasses… which narrows it down to one particular brother. Heiji, with a little help from Conan, help to coax the truth from the murderer. And when it’s revealed what the treasure was that their mother wanted them to find, the murderer realizes he committed this crime for nothing.

Before all of this, though, it’s revealed that this particular harbor has people swarming to it because it’s the perfect day for social media posts there. After Heiji gets more information, he decides he wants to use this as a backdrop to finally confess his feelings to Kazuha. Of course, it doesn’t work out like he plans, because Momiji uses Iori to disrupt Heiji’s confession attempt. I felt so bad for Heiji, because he was so determined to finally tell her. Oh well. I should have known this plot point wasn’t going to be resolved yet.

Right at the end of the episode, though, Heiji drops a bombshell on Conan. Iori, Momiji’s butler, told Heiji about the wealthy family that had hired the brothers’ mother as a maid. It’s a family of someone that Conan knows: Shukichi Haneda, the shogi player, and brother of Sera and Akai. This lets him know that Koji Haneda, the shogi player who was given the poison by the Black Organization 17 years ago, comes from a wealthy family. Well, I hadn’t expected to see any kind of connection to Sera’s family while watching this mystery, so this was a nice twist.

But from the preview for next week’s episode, we appear to be returning to single story episodes that likely have no connection to the overarching story. That’s pretty much par for the course for Case Closed anymore, though. There will be a multiple-part story that reveals something for the overarching story, and then a stretch of one episode stories that do nothing to advance the overall story. Hopefully the next one-off story will be good, or at least enjoyable to watch.

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