Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 29 – “The Girl Named Rion”

I was quite astonished to see that the episode didn’t open with the lengthy explanation about our three main characters that usually starts an episode. Instead, we get a short recap scene of Rion introducing herself and offering the Kyuyokon root our three main protagonists.

After the opening, we see Rion ask our protagonists to slay her father. It’s revealed that she knows about her father’s plan, which would destroy the world of the living. She also explains that she died 600 years ago, and that her soul is being kept here against her will by Kirinmaru through a Dream Butterfly. When Rion discovers that Setsuna can see the red thread of fate, Rion asks her to cut it and free her from her connection to Kirinmaru. But Towa says something stupid at this point by exclaiming that Rion will die if Setsuna cuts the thread. I nearly facepalmed when she said that, because Rion had just explained a couple of minutes earlier that she was already dead. Oh, Towa, please do pay attention.

Setsuna tries to cut the thread, but instead of cutting the thread, she cuts the Dream Butterfly that connects Kirinmaru and Rion. This allows Rion’s soul to gain some freedom, especially when she’s able to take over the vessel made from her bones and grave soil. As part of this, she uses the Kyuyokon root to absorb demon energy and transforms it into a flute, which she plays. Rion then gives the flute to Towa. When I first saw it transform into a flute, I found myself wondering how it would become a new sword for Towa. But after hearing the name that Rion uses for the flute, I had a feeling I knew how it would become the sword. After being freed from her cocoon, Rion asks to travel with our protagonists. But leaving Mount Musubi isn’t easy, though, because Kirinmaru has set up a demon spirit beast to attack. Setsuna and Moroha try to take it down, but to no avail. Rion tells Towa to play the flute… and when she plays it, it transforms into a sword. Rion explains that the sword is named Zanseiken, and it’s paired with her father’s sword, Bakuseiken. I have a feeling that this detail will become important later. But with this sword, Towa is able to take down the demon spirit beast.

After escaping from Mount Musubi, the girls encounter Riku, who’s been standing outside the barrier and taking down all the small-fry demon trying to go through the barrier. Naturally, Riku is surprised to see Rion. When he sees Towa, though, he tells her not to look at him because Kirinmaru can see and hear what’s going on through him. Towa’s not worried, though. At first, she acts like she’s going to kiss Riku, and then starts yelling a message to Kirinmaru. OK, I have to admit that this was kind of amusing. After the message is delivered, Riku offers to watch over Rion, since Rion can move very far on her own since she’s using a vessel for her body).

After Riku and Rion leave, Sesshomaru and Jaken appear. Sesshomaru notices Setsuna’s sword and asks her if she’s learned how to wield some of its powers. After she mentions what happened with Rion, he tells her that it seems she still lacks resolve. He pulls out the Tenseiga and uses it for force the Dream Butterfly off of Setsuna. Jaken explains why she has the Dream Butterfly. Sesshomaru says it if he cuts it down, Setsuna will be able to sleep again, but that Rin will be covered by the curse of the scales and die. When Setsuna says she wants to save her mother, Sesshomaru uses Tenseiga to cut down the Dream Butterfly. At first, it was a little surprising, but then I thought about it and realized that Sesshomaru is using this as a way to force Setsuna to improve her resolve. With this action, it appears we’ll now have a time limit placed on our characters, so hopefully this means that we won’t be seeing much in the way of filler.

Right at the end of the episode, Setsuna falls asleep for the first time since the Dream Butterfly was placed on her. From the preview, I think the next episode will be focusing on Setsuna’s dream, even if the title plays up Hisui. This could be a filler, but maybe there will be something important here. I hope so.

Overall, I thought this episode was pretty good, although it does get marked down a little for Towa’s stupid outburst about Rion (who is already dead) being killed by her thread of fate being cut. I could have excused that if Rion hadn’t just explained everything a couple of minutes earlier. Outside of that, though, the episode managed to exceed the bar I set when I started watching this season.

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