Yen Press has announced that it will release the I Want to Be a Wall and Let’s Go Karaoke! manga in April 2022, as well as the God Bless the Mistaken manga as a digital simulpub series on October 27, 2021.

Title: God Bless the Mistaken
Creator: Nakatani Nio
Release: October 27, 2021
Summary: Kon lives in a world that bugs out regularly—every morning may bring a new surprise. But with Kasane, a researcher who studies these phenomena, he knows that each day will at least be interesting. A delightfully curious creation by Nakatani Nio.

Title: I Want to Be a Wall
Creator: Honami Shirono
Release: April 2022
Summary: Yuriko, an asexual woman, agrees to take a husband to satisfy her parents—which is how she finds herself tying the knot with Gakurouta, a gay man in love with his childhood friend with his own complicated family circumstances. And so begins the tale of their marriage of convenience.

Title: Let’s Go Karaoke!
Creator: Yama Wayama
Release: April 2022
Summary: Satomi, president of his school’s choir club, gets embroiled in a bizarre situation when he’s asked by Kyouji the yakuza to give him voice lessons. Surprisingly, Kyouji’s quite serious, and diligent in his practice too. As the two spend time together, where will this odd friendship take them?

Source: ANN