Tokyopop Licenses the Alice in Bishounen-Land Manga

The Fandom Post is reporting that Tokyopop has licensed the Alice in Bishounen-Land manga, and that the company is scheduled to release the first volume on February 8, 2022. The second volume is scheduled to be released on April 12, 2022.

The property comes from Yushi Kawata and Yukito and is known originally as Shinkyou Alice to bishounen to bishounen to bishounen to bishounen to bishounen ~Otome Game Royale~. The series began in 2019 and wrapped up with two complete volumes in Japan.

The story of Alice in Bishounen-Land is described as:

Alice Kagami inadvertently gets herself trapped in the world of the otome game “Koiiro ♡ School Stars” alongside her best friend, Tatsumi, who’s a huge fan of the game. The only way to escape is to train the idols of the school to become top stars. However, the five candidates that appear are a half-dog, a ghost, fairy-sized (8 inches tall), a giant (59 feet tall), and a 41 year old teacher who looks like a child.

Useless game, only generating shallow, handsome guys with weird quirks. How on earth is she supposed to win with this motley crew of pretty boys? And all the while her best friend doesn’t want her to win and end her dream of living surrounded by gorgeous boys. What’s Alice to do?

Source: The Fandom Post

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