Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 26 – “Demon Spirit of the Sea”

The episode opens with Towa at a seaside village, and she has a flashback to what happened right after she regained consciousness. Setsuna says they need to get a root for Towa’s weapon, and she and Moroha head off and leave Towa by herself. While at the seaside village, Towa learns about a sea monster that attacks women with long, beautiful hair. But the sea monster wasn’t always like this, though. She used to be kind and would help sea travelers who were in trouble. But one day, she turned into an evil demon and began attacking the village.

Meanwhile, Setsuna is starting on her search for Bokusen-Oh, who is someone Totosai said would be able to help her find the root that Towa needs. This is reiterated through a flashback that Setsuna has of what Totsai told her in the previous episode. At the same time, Moroha has gone to see Jyubei to turn in the heads of the small fry demon she took down in the previous episode. Of course, Jyubei doesn’t give her much for them, since they were all non-major demons. Moroha asks Jyubei about Bokusen-Oh, and at first, he won’t say anything. However, he eventually admits that there is a demon who would know where to find him. However, this is a dangerous demon who will turn anyone who looks at her into stone if they look directly at her. At this point, the audience can piece together that the sea monster that Towa learned about at the demon Jyubei tells Moroha about are one and the same. Armed with this knowledge, Moroha rejoins Setsuna and passes on what she learned from Jyubei.

We also get a brief scene of Riku, talking to a creature that has quite the sense of hearing. Through some dialogue, it comes out that Riku has betrayed Kirinmaru and is now out here doing things on his own. Riku is still searching for the Rainbow Pearls, but he says he’ll act on his own when it comes to Towa and her companions.

Towa goes to see the Demon Slayers, because she’s concerned for Setsuna. Since her sister has long, beautiful hair, she’s afraid that sea monster will target her. While Towa is away, Setsuna and Moroha arrive at the village, and encounter a woman carrying a couple of heavy bags. From the moment I saw this woman, I suspected there was something off about her. When Moroha volunteers both herself and Setsuna to help carry her bags to her home, this immediately came up as a red flag that something was amiss. And sure enough, I was right. The mysterious woman and the sea monster/demon were one and the same.

The sea monster’s backstory is rather predictable, though. She had fallen in love with a fisherman, and she saved him one day when his boat was destroyed. A short while later, she decides to disguise herself to see him one more time, and she took on the form of a sea snake. Well, the fishermen have a superstition about seeing a sea snake’s tail after a near drowning, so the fishermen attack her when they see her. The fisherman she loved cut off the sea snake’s head, which fell into the water and turned her into the monster that she is now. And why does she go after women with long, beautiful hair? Because she’s jealous of them having what she used to have before she was turned into his monster whose hair is made out of snakes. Honestly, I’d been hoping for something a little more with her hatred of women with long, beautiful hair, but I guess that was too much to ask of this series. At least I’m coming into this season with lowered expectations, so I’m not as disappointed by this was I would have been otherwise.

Just when it seems like Setsuna and Moroha are going to be defeated by the demon, Towa and the demon slayers show up. Towa has on some mirrored sunglasses, which make it so she can look at the demon as she’s attacking. But then, just as it seems the demon is going to overpower Towa with a surge of water, Riku appears on the sidelines and uses his ability to freeze the water. Why am I afraid that Riku is going to turn into a “deus ex machina” whenever our three heroines, but especially Towa, are in a situation that they can’t easily get out of on their own? But in the end, it’s actually Setsuna who brings an end to this fight, thanks to her new blade resonating with the “red thread of fate” linking the monster and the fisherman she loves (who she turned into stone).

The episode ends with Moroha realizing that they never asked the demon where to find Bokusen-Oh. Oh dear. I hope this doesn’t become a running thread throughout this season.

This episode wasn’t as bad as some of the episodes that appeared near the end of the first season of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. However, some of the plot was on the predictable side, and Riku having to swoop in and secretly save the day was a little disappointing. But from the preview, it looks like next week’s episode is going to focus on Rin, so I’m holding out hope that it will be a better episode.

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