Case Closed: Episode 1022 – “The Cursed Museum”

This episode sees Ran, Sonoko, and Conan going to a history museum, which seems to have a strong emphasis on Egyptian history. Conan asks why they dropped by here after school, and the girls tell him that the keychain characters at that museum are the current fad at their high school. As the girls peruse the characters, Conan finds a notebook that turns out to be a place for visitors to write reviews of the museum. The owner of the museum introduces himself to Conan and talks briefly about the notebook.

Just as the museum is about to close, they hear something crash nearby. A replica statue of Anubis has fallen, and pinned a man underneath it. The man is clearly dead, and of course Conan asks Ran to call the police. What I found interesting here is that only Takagi and Chiba came this time. Maybe Megure was busy with another case? But even more surprising than Megure not being there was the fact that Sonoko was portrayed as being very knowledgeable about Egyptian culture. Normally, Sonoko is depicted as being kind of ditzy, so it was refreshing for her to be portrayed as being knowledgeable. The director keeps insisting that the murder was caused by Anubis’ curse, and between him and Sonoko, we learn a little about Anubis and some of the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. It was an interesting way to get some brief “edutainment,” that’s for sure. But Conan points out that it likely wasn’t the statue that killed the man… he had a visible injury to the back of his head, as if he had been struck by something.

Ultimately, they whittle down that there could only be four potential suspects: the owner of the museum, his sole employee, the wife of the deceased, and the one person who has an annual pass for the museum. None of the four have any kind of alibi for the time of the murder. While questioning the wife, she says she doesn’t have a cell phone and admits to there being strife in her marriage. She says it’s better to be honest, because they would have figured out the truth anyway if she lied.

It turns out the notebook with the reviews is the key to solving the case. To be honest, I had a feeling that the person who was ultimately responsible for the crime was the guilty party, especially after an incident involving the owner of the museum after he reads the notebook and gets an idea of who the guilty party is. Of course, Conan has to use the dart on Sonoko and disguise his voice as hers in order to reveal the truth behind the murder. And I think that’s why the writer decided to make her knowledgeable about Egyptian and its history, because then it wouldn’t be so weird for her to say some of things she does when Conan disguises his voice as hers.

After the truth is revealed, I happy to see the sterner side of Takagi come out when he lectures the guilty party about how it’s not right to murder someone just because they’re a terrible human being. Because, yes, it comes out that the deceased was not a good person at all. Overall, this wasn’t a bad murder mystery, but I think it was a little too easy for the viewer to figure out who the murderer is when the museum director is approached by the shadow figure while he’s on the phone with Takagi.

Watching the preview for the next episode, it’s going to be the third one about a location that Conan and the Detective Boys have been to before. I saw the second episode at this location a few years ago, so I’m curious to see what the writers came up with for a third story.

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