Yen Press announced at its New York Comic Con 2021 panel that it has licensed the following manga, light novels, and books. The company will reveal release schedules at a later date.

Title: Your Forma light novel
Creators: Mareho Kikuishi (story), Tsubata Nozaki (art)
Summary: Your Forma, a miraculous brain-threading technology that was developed to save thousands of lives from a massive outbreak of viral encephalitis, has become an integral part of everyday life. Begrudgingly partnered with Harold, of the “Amics” line of androids, officer Echika must use this invasive technology to hunt for clues and crack cases in a world where your every sight, sound, and emotion is being recorded.

Title: MonsTABOO manga
Creators: Yuya Takahashi (story), TALI (art)
Summary: Ever since a monster killed her mother, Maruka has recklessly sought them out with a death wish. But when the first monster she runs into defies her expectations, not only does Maruka end up fighting alongside him—she asks him to be her boyfriend.

Title: Lost Lad London manga
Creator: Shinya Shima
Summary: A murder on the London Underground and a mysterious bloody knife draw a regular university student and a grizzled New Scotland Yard detective into a web of crime and suspense.

Title: Re:Zero: The Frozen Bond manga
Creators: Minori Tsukahara (art), Tappei Nagatsuki (story), Shinichirou Otsuka (character design)
Summary: An anime-original story is now its own manga. Get a glimpse into the world of the half-elf Emilia and her spirit companion, Puck, before they first encountered Subaru Natsuki.

Title: Sword Art Online abec Artworks: Wanderers artbook
Creator: abec
Summary: The esteemed abec is finally back with a new collection of breathtaking illustrations from the Alicization arc of the SAO Main Series, as well as from Volumes 1–3 of SAO: Progressive. This collector’s item also features artwork from events, animations, and games.

Title: Bungo Stray Dogs: Storm Bringer light novel
Creators: Kafka Asagiri (story), Sango Harukawa (illustration)
Summary: It’s been roughly one year since Chuya Nakahara joined the Port Mafia, and he’s got his sights set on an executive position. But as he makes plans to move up, a man by the name of Paul Verlaine—claiming to be his younger brother—appears and vows to assassinate everyone he cares about. Now Chuya must team up with Adam, a European A.I. investigator, to stop this lunatic before the storm swallows Yokohama once again.

Title: Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple manga
Creators: Kafka Asagiri (story), Ganjii (art)
Summary: A string of mysterious suicides among skill users is plaguing Yokohama, and it’s up to the Armed Detective Agency to unravel the truth in this manga adaptation of the hit film.

Source: ANN