futekiya Adds 13 Kaiohsha Titles

Fantasista, Inc.’s futekiya boys’ love manga subscription service has announced that it has licensed 13 new titles from Compass. futekiya will announce release dates and English names for these titles at a later date:

  • Kedamono Arashi by Morry Kuroi
  • Kedamono Arashi ―Hug Me Baby!― by Morry Kuroi
  • Kedamono Arashi ―Kiss Me Baby!― by Morry Kuroi
  • The Downstairs Resident Is Mr. Fudanshi Volumes 2-4 by Chihaya Kuroiwa
  • Bitch na Neko wa Himitsu ni Shippo wo Yurasu by Mio Tennohji
  • Nakaseteyaruyo Yankee-kun by Nozomu Hiiragi
  • Sore wa Tabun Kyuuai by Iroha Megu
  • Perfect Propose by Mayo Tsurukame
  • Hoshino Doubutsu-en Koimonogatari Volumes 1-2 by Koyama
  • Ashita, Okitara Kimi wa by Dentō Hayane
  • Kokokara wa Off Reco de by Dentō Hayane
  • Beast of Blood by Anji Seina
  • Saiyaku ni Shite Madowazu Volumes 1-2 by Shimaji

Readers are able to read select chapters from the futekiya library for free, and subscribers to the futekiya service can access full volumes.

The futekiya service launched in July 2019, and it allows access to its entire library of manga for a monthly fee of US$6.99. The service is also offering licensed dōjinshi and manga by independent artists.

Source: ANN

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