Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 25 – “Wielding the Tenseiga”

Even though I was a little disappointed with Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon right near the end of the first season, I decided I would go ahead and give the second season a shot so I could say that I’ve seen the whole series. However, I’m going into this season with lowered expectations.

Before the opening credits, the audience was given a sizable recap of the concept of the series and the start of the final battle at the end of the first season. After the opening credits, we see the events that led up to the end of the first season… which was the death of Setsuna, and Sesshomaru coming to Towa and offering her his broken Tenseiga.

The episode title, “Wielding the Tenseiga” is appropriate, since most of the remainder of the episode focuses on Towa and her attempt to create a demon energy blade with the broken Tenseiga so she can try to bring Setsuna back to life. Early on, Towa notices the dream butterfly flying away from Setsuna’s body, but Sesshomaru tells her not to focus on trivial things as she’s trying to create the blade. My assumption is that this shot is to show that the dream butterfly has left Setsuna and will no longer be a plot point.

Totosai appears on the scene with Jaken, and their arrival is used for what is supposed to be a humorous moment with Moroha. But seeing Moroha getting hit over the head three different times rather close together wasn’t funny, though. I really hope that as this season progresses, Moroha will become more important than the comic relief character that she’s been portrayed as for most of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon up to this point. Moroha does get an important sequence that shows her fighting demons as Totosai is forging a new sword, but it doesn’t entirely make up for how she was treated as a comic relief character earlier in the episode.

Towa, meanwhile, has to use all of her demon strength to create the blade… but she isn’t able to see the underworld demons she needs to cut right at first. But when Sesshomaru’s forehead mark appears on her forehead, she can see them… but the power of the blade starts diminishing. It’s when she sees the demons starting to take Setsuna away that Towa suddenly summons demon power to take down the underworld demons and cut them down. She saves Setsuna, but collapses due to using up all of her demon power. At this point, there’s a ton of demons that Moroha and Kirara were unable to take down, and Sesshomaru goes over to his daughters to shield them, and to encourage Setsuna to wake up. Totosai finishes forging the new blade, which he gives to Setsuna. With this new weapon, Setsuna finishes off the demons. I was happy to see Sesshomaru openly acting like a father to his daughters. But once he sees the danger is over, he and Jaken leave without saying goodbye. But Seeshomaru is starting finally starting to show some fatherly love for his daughters.

Totsai says that while Setsuna did well with the blade, she still has a ways to go to master it. The sword-maker asks Setsuna to pass on a message to Towa… that she can’t create a demon blade with a human made weapon. She needs to find a particular root, and to ask a particular person to help them acquire it. From the preview for the next episode, it looks like Setsuna is going to head off on her own to try to find this person and the root. So, it looks like Towa’s search for the Dream Butterfly to help her sister regain her memories subplot is over, but now it looks like we have Setsuna having a subplot of finding this root to help Towa. I really hope this subplot doesn’t end up taking up the whole season like the Dream Butterfly did, though.

Overall, I was happy with this episode, considering I went into it with lowered expectations. But seeing the preview for the next episode, I have a sinking feeling that I’m not going to be as happy with it. I hope I’m wrong on that, though.

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