Case Closed: Episode 1021 – “Rondo in Bad Company”

The episode opens with Kogoro and Conan walking down the street and coming upon a mystery as they do. It’s not surprising when Megure sees them and says something along the lines of, “You again?” In recent episodes, it feels like this has become a rather common way for Kogoro and Conan to get involved with a case. To me, at least, it feels like this method of bringing Kogoro and Conan into a story has become overused. I hope the writers start coming up with some more creative ways to bring these two into an investigation.

Megure and the others are investigating a murder in a park. It’s been determined that the man was a local hooligan who has killed by a lead pipe. An eyewitness saw a man the previous night running out of the park with a lead pipe. It turns out this man is another known hooligan and hung around with the murdered man. When Megure, Chiba, Takagi, Kogoro, and Conan go to interrogate the suspect, they find him dead in his apartment. He has been stabbed to death with a knife. They see that with his finger, the man wrote a dying message in blood… the name of another man who was known to hang around these two. When the group gets to this man’s apartment, they see him dying from his alcohol being poisoned. In this man’s apartment, they find three bags with money… each one has about 10 million yen in it.

After looking at security footage from a nearby store, they see the first murdered man heading to the third man’s apartment when the third man heads into a convenience store. Conan remembers that a financier was robbed the other day, and 30 million yen was stolen, and deduces that these three men committed that crime and had split the money… but these men got greedy and killed each other in order to have all of the money for themselves.

It seems like they’ve solved this case, but at this point, it’s not even 10 minutes into the episode. But as they leave the convenience store, Chiba is convinced that something doesn’t seem right about this conclusion, that there should have been some kind of overlap in how they committed the murders. A boy who lives in the same apartment complex as the third murdered man gives Chiba some information that makes it seem like there could be a fourth person who had a grudge against all three of the murdered men. It looks like Chiba is going to be the star of solving this mystery, but it turns out both suspects that fit what the boy told him have nothing to do with the case.

In the end, it’s of course Conan who figures out the truth of what happened, and has to use the usual dart and bowtie trick to help reveal what really happened. A phone call to Megure that comes at the same time validates what Conan (disguising as Kogoro) is saying.

I actually liked the twist in this episode. All I’ll say about that is this: The simplest explanation for something is likely to be correct.

Even though I was a little frustrated with how Kogoro and Conan got involved in a case by simply walking down the street yet again, I ended up enjoying how the story of the episode ended up going… and that twist at the end was perfect.

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