Seven Seas Entertainment has announced that it has acquired the license for the lavishly illustrated artbook and manga collection Steam Reverie in Amber by Kuroimori. From an award-winning Japanese artist whose illustrations have appeared in various Final Fantasy products comes a beautiful, full-color, steampunk-themed artbook and short manga collection about a flying bookstore.

A world between the past and the future. An airship that can only be seen by people whose hearts are hurting. A bookstore that soars between the clouds. Immerse yourself in a gorgeously illustrated art and story collection set in a magical world that includes steampunk zodiac girls, steampunk tarot card illustrations, and more.

Seven Seas will publish the full-color book Steam Reverie in Amber for the first time in North America in print and on digital platforms in a single, large-trim hardcover edition. The book will be released in July 2022 for $24.99 USA / $33.99 CAN.

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment