Case Closed: Episode 1020 – “The Antique Tray Can’t Be Hidden (Part Three)”

The episode opens with a recap that is very similar to, if not exactly the same, as the recap that appeared at the beginning of last week’s episode. But when you consider that a lot of last week’s episode focused more on Sera and Akai and didn’t really do much to advance the actual mystery, basically getting the same recap as the previous episode makes a bit of sense.

Once again, the three suspects are complaining about being detained and the older gentleman is trying to demand that he be allowed to take his tray and leave. Megure is able to make it clear that he can’t leave, and the older gentelman grudgingly sits back down.

Chiba brings a package that was handed to him by the housekeeper, and it’s the box with the plate that Agasa had wanted his friend to appraise. When Akai, Sera, Conan, and Ai look at it, it gives them a clue as to how to figure out which of the three crane trays is the real one without needing the aid of an appraiser. It turns out that what they figured out is correct, and it identifies the true culprit. The true culprit tries to deny it, of course, but they keep slipping up by sharing facts that they shouldn’t have known. Oops! The guilty party was desperate for their tray to be the real one, because they desperately needed money for their child’s surgery. Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where, even though their tray wasn’t the real one, it still would have been worth something… and likely enough to cover the surgery. It’s a twist you see every now and again in a Case Closed murder mystery… the culprit commits the murder, then learns after the fact that their motive for committing the murder isn’t what was really happening or true for their situation. So now the culprit has the regret of committing a murder that didn’t have to happen.

Right at the end of the episode, Conan tries to talk to Akai, but Akai seems to think he knows what Conan wants to stay to him and says he doesn’t need to say anything. But it turns out that Conan was wanting to ask him something in regards to his mother’s true identity. If Conan has deduced this correctly, there’s an interesting detail about Akai’s mother.

Of course, the preview shows that the next episode isn’t going to continue the overarching story of the series. Instead, it looks like it’s going to be a stand-alone murder mystery. I appreciate these episodes that advance the overarching story when they show up, but sometimes there’s a long gap between them. Hopefully we’ll get to see another storyline that progresses the overarching story within the next few months.

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