Special Lupin the 3rd Theatrical Engagement Coming in October 2021

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Lupin The 3rd anime franchise, Sentai and TMS Entertainment (TMS) are hosting the world premiere of the English dub of Lupin The 3rd Part 1 Episode 1, presented alongside the first two subtitled episodes of the Lupin The 3rd Part 6 anime series in theaters for a limited time, special engagement.

Lupin The 3rd Part 1 Episode 1, made its broadcast debut 50 years ago on October 24, 1971. The special theatrical engagement will grant fans exclusive early bird access to premiere the brand-new English dub version of Lupin The 3rd Part 1 Episode 1 as well as the latest animated Lupin The 3rd series, Lupin The 3rd Part 6 Episodes 0 and 1. Sentai is honored to bring the next chapter of this influential series to theaters, where fans can experience the thrilling, high-flying escapades of Lupin III on the big screen. To watch the complete Lupin The 3rd Part 6 anime series, fans should visit Sentai’s streaming partner, HIDIVE, where the series will stream in full.

Fans can catch the elusive thief Lupin III in theaters from October 22-28, 2021. Tickets for this exclusive event go on sale on September 24, 2021. For booking, visit our list of theater locations and event times.

The escapades of Lupin III have thrilled audiences for decades, with entries in the franchise spanning everything from manga and anime series to feature films and live action adaptations. To celebrate Lupin’s 50th anniversary of his anime debut, TMS Entertainment is making 2021 the “Year of Lupin,” bringing audiences a brand-new Lupin adventure along with exciting events, new theatrical and home video releases, and more.

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