This is the final episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S, and it didn’t open with the opening credits. Instead, credits ran over the top of the show.

There are two vignettes included in this episode. In the first one, Ilulu asks what a festival is, because Take is going to one. Kanna says she and Saikawa are going, and that Saikawa has only mentioned that there are a lot of stalls at it. Kobayashi, meanwhile, is remembering what Tohru’s father and Tohru herself said about Tohru’s past in the previous episode. This causes Kobayashi to wonder about the relationship between the two of them, and whether or not she’s worthy of Tohru’s affection for her, since Tohru is so impressive and great.

A lot of the vignette takes place at the festival itself, and we see Tohru working at it with the girls from the maid cafe. Kobayashi brings Ilulu, Kanna, and Elma. It’s not surprising that Elma fixates on the food at the festival and doesn’t even think about anything else. Take shows up and Ilulu heads off with him, while Saikawa shows up and Kanna goes off with her. Kobayashi and Elma run into Shouta and Lucoa. We get some very humorous interactions between the various characters, but the most important bit happens after Tohru is done with her shift at the stall. Kobayashi and Tohru walk around, and Kobayashi shares with Tohru the thoughts she’s recently been having. Kobayashi then asks Tohru for her thoughts, and what Tohru says surprises Kobayashi. This was a really great interaction between these two particular characters, and it’s more on the serious side in comparison to their usual interactions. It was good to see Kobayashi get this out in the open.

The second vignette sees Lucoa visiting with Tohru and Kobayashi. Lucoa invites them to a flower viewing… which puzzles Kobayashi, since it’s currently the middle of summer. Lucoa says she knows someone who can turn her flesh into flowers. Ummm… hmmm… would Kobayashi really want to view flowers that are actually someone’s flesh? Apparently so, because she agrees to this. Tohru takes it upon herself to coordinate and be in charge of the activities at the viewing.

Quite a few of the characters gather for this event: Tohru, Kobayashi, Kanna, Ilulu, Lucoa, Shouta, Takiya, Elma, and Fafnir. Basically, the characters who are dragons and the characters who know that the dragons are really dragons. Tohru hosts an arm wrestling competition, and poor Takiya was paired up with Ilulu. I think his wrist may need some medical attention. Shouta is paired up with Fafnir, and it’s not surprising that Shouta forfeits after seeing what happened to Takiya. It also wasn’t surprising that Tohru’s first opponent was Elma, since those two have such a competitive streak. The final two are Tohru and Lucoa, and something happens that surprises Lucoa and hands Tohru the win.

The final bit of the episode sees Tohru declare that she and Kobayashi are getting married, and she uses her magic to put the two of them into wedding gowns. Kobayashi, of course, is flabbergasted by the whole situation and runs off. The episode ends with most of the characters chasing after Kobayashi and Tohru, as the ending credits appear on the screen.

I thought this was a nice way to end Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S. We got the summer festival story and the cherry blossom viewing story out of the way over the course of this one episode. Yes, the way to get the cherry blossom story to happen was kind of… questionable… but the actual story that takes place during the cherry blossom viewing was pretty good.

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