Vancouver International Film Festival to Screen the Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko Anime Film

The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) will screen Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko, Studio 4°C’s anime film of Kanako Nishi’s Gyokō no Nikuko-chan (Nikuko of the Fishing Harbor) novel, on October 9 and October 11, 2021. The film will screen at the SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts on October 9, 2021 and at the Vancity Theatre at the VIFF Centre on October 11, 2021.

The story of the film is described as:

In this spirited rebellion against patriarchal culture’s body-shaming and denial of pleasure to women, Nikuko (‘Meat-girl,’ voiced by Shinobu Ōtake) is a plus-sized single mother who adores food, Japanese wordplay, and shifty men, and never loses her joie de vivre. After drifting half her life with daughter Kikuko (voiced by Cocomi, daughter of SMAP megastar Takuya Kimura), Nikuko settles in an idyllic fishing village, and finds work at a yakiniku joint. Kikuko’s dreamy coming-of-age is jolted by a big secret in Nikuko’s past.

Ayumu Watanabe directed the anime at Studio 4°C. Satomi Ooshima wrote the script. Kenichi Konishi was the character designer and chief animation director. Sanma Akashiya planned and produced the film.

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko opened in Japanese theaters on June 11, 2021.

Source: ANN

One comment

  1. momomanamu · 27 Days Ago

    That looks like it’s a fun movie. Hopefully it will be available in the US soon. Locally, all our film festivals have been cancelled, so I’ve been missing out on all the cool small studio films.

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