Case Closed: Episode 1019 – “The Antique Tray Can’t Be Hidden (Part Two)”

The episode opens with a lengthy recap. However, it didn’t feel like overkill, because there was a lot of details that needed to be relayed to the viewers to remind them of what happened in the previous episode. Between the murder case and the subplot with Sera, there’s a lot going on.

Right at the beginning and right near the end, the emphasis is on the murder case investigation. Professor Agasa remembers that when he was talking with the appraiser, he touched the real tray with his bloody fingers. Everyone thinks they found a way to identify the real tray and the culprit… but it turns out the murderer realized that blood mark on the real tray and added similar blood marks to the other two. Agasa then remembers the orientation of the crane compared to the blood stain when he looked at the tray. But it turns out this method of identifying the real tray doesn’t work, either. The police start calling around to look for an appraiser, but it looks like the earliest one could get there would be the next day.

The three murder suspects show just how selfish and despicable they all are when they’re informed about the appraiser. They each whine that they have to be able to leave before the day is out and how they need their tray for their respective engagement. When they’re told that potential murderers can’t be allowed to walk off and that the police will need to hold on to the trays since they’re evidence in a murder investigation, they start whining even more. They’re so wrapped up in themselves and their trays that they don’t seem to care that someone was killed. While I’m at as much of a loss as the characters as to who murdered Agasa’s friend, I wouldn’t put the crime past any of them at this point.

However, a lot of the focus on this episode is on Sera trying to get Ai to confess to being shrunk down by the poison, as well as Akai trying to protect his little sister (since he knows who she is, but she doesn’t realize who he is). Because of this detail, we get to see some very amusing interactions between the siblings. But honestly, Sera isn’t trying to be subtle when questioning Ai, and other people can hear what she’s saying. Oy!

Akai has a flashback to when he, his younger brother, and his mother are fleeing to Japan. Apparently, this was the time when Mary (their mother) decides to tell them they she is pregnant and that they have a sister on the way. Also, during this episode, thanks to Sera badgering Ai, Conan figures out that the mysterious blond girl that he’s seen with Sera has to be her mother and that she was shrunk down by the poison. Conan also makes another realization as well.

Overall, this particular episode seemed to focus more on Sera and Akai than on the actual murder mystery. Which makes sense, I guess, since there’s the plot point of waiting for an appraiser… so something needs to be going on while the police try to figure out what to do. And the story of the siblings provides important progression for the mystery behind their family that Conan’s been trying to puzzle out. I suspect that next week’s episode will be placing a lot more of its focus on the actual murder mystery. From the preview, it appears that Sera and Conan may have figured out the truth of the case. It’ll be interesting to see how this case ends up being solved.

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