Case Closed: Episode 1018 – “The Antique Tray Can’t Be Hidden (Part One)”

The episode opens with Subaru noticing Sera on her motorcycle, watching Professor Agasa’s house. We then see Conan talking to Agasa and Ai inside Agasa’s home. We learn Agasa is about to head out to talk to an appraiser friend about a potentially antique dish that he found at his uncle’s house. In the dialogue, Agasa references a previous mystery from before Ai was in the series, and there’s even footage from a previous episode that appears as flashbacks to remind the audience of what happened. If Sera’s appearance hadn’t made it clear that this was a canon storyline, having this reference back to an earlier story clinched it for me. Agasa also mentions a recent antique plate that had been appraised on a television show, and how his appraiser friend has had three of them brought to him to be appraised. The friend is going to explain how he can tell which one is real and which ones are fake.

We then learn that Ai had called Conan over, and she points out Sera watching Agasa’s house. Conan is forced to admit that Sera has an idea that Ai had been shrunk down by the poison, and we get a flashback to a more recent episode where Sera was asking Ran and Sonoko know any other kids who seem mature for their age… and they both mention Ai and say that she lives with Professor Agasa. When Ai finds out that Sera suspects her secret, she loses it with Conan. Ai wants Conan to make her go away, but before anything else can happen, there’s a near frantic ringing of the doorbell. Conan is forced to answer it, thinking Sera is at the door. It turns out it’s Subaru bringing cherries over… and Sera has come with him. When Conan asks Subaru why he brought Sera over, he says he couldn’t just leave her watching Agasa’s house and letting her potentially get into trouble.

When Subaru asks Agasa if he’s talked with his appraiser friend yet, Agasa says he was heading out. Subaru asks to accompany him, and he accepts. Sera offers to watch Agasa’s house with Ai, but Ai insists on going to Agasa. So Sera decides she’ll tag along with everyone else. Was it just me, or is Sera not even trying to be subtle here?

When they reach the appraiser’s home, Agasa calls out for him and there’s no response. Agasa decides to go look for him. As he does, the appraiser is looking at one of three antique plates brought to him to assess and finds the real one. One of the people who brought a plate enters the room and the appraiser tells them it’s not their plate. The person gets mad and grabs a nearby spear, hitting the appraiser on the head. Just then, Agasa can be heard approaching, and the culprit hides. Agasa finds the appraiser and is going to call the police and an ambulance, but has left his phone in his car. After Agasa leaves to talk to the others, the culprit reappears and stabs the appraiser in the back with the spear.

When Conan and the others make it to the room, Conan discovers that the appraiser is dead. After Megure and Takagi arrive to investigate the scene, we are introduced to the three people who brought their plates to be assessed. The first man introduces himself and calmly explains how he came by the plate and what his plans for the plate are. The second man insists that the real plate is his, before he even introduces himself. In the murder scene, the culprit nearly yells that the real plate has to be theirs. I really hope that this man’s attitude while being interviewed by the police is a red herring, because if he’s the actual culprit, I’ll be quite disappointed because it would make this mystery too easy. The final suspect is a woman who works for a museum. She’s a very stiff and uppity woman, though, and I found her to be unlikable. To be honest, all three of the potential suspects came across as unlikable, but the first man was the least unlikable. And through questioning, we discover that none of the three suspects have an alibi that can be confirmed by anyone. Once this is determined, we see several reaction shots, and then the episode ends.

The first part of the mystery simply established the mystery and the suspects. From what I saw on in an episode list on Wikipedia (so take it for what it’s worth), but this is apparently a three part mystery. Considering that the first part spent its runtime establishing everything, this lends credibility to the idea that this could be a three part episode. Especially since, not only do we have the murder mystery going on, we also have Sera trying to learn more about Ai. It’s going to be interesting to see how both of these storylines are handled during the remaining episodes in this arc.

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